Calling all Exercise Haters



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    Not for me I love the gym its my happy place.

    There are tons of other physical activities you can do to improve your health, but if you want to have a fit body you have to put the work in. That means diet and exercise.

    I don't like getting up at 6 every day but I do it. I don't like going to work but I do. Along with a myriad of other thank less tasks that we all do everyday because we have to. I dislike weight training but I do it to improve the way my body looks and it helps me with my running.
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    peleroja wrote: »
    I'm not really talking about your weight at all here. When I say "health" it's not meant to be a euphemism for "weight".

    If you are doing all that manual labour, I'm not sure why you are worrying about whether or not you're taking the stairs or packing your own groceries. You seem to keep changing what you're stating in your posts each time about your lifestyle and I'm not understanding why. If you spend your whole day doing manual labour then of course you might not need to hit the gym, but that was not AT ALL the impression you were giving in previous posts.

    I'm now not really getting what your point is here at all, frankly.

    If you don't get the point then you didn't read the original post.... It simply said that I was looking for ways in normal DAILY ACTIVITIES to burn more calories.. I never said I don't get any physical activity in.. i Just said I don't like REGIMENTED exercise, that is all any of my posts have said.

    Oh Yeah I guess I did say I am not physically capable of keeping up with the type of work my husband does.He unloads semi trucks all day, sometimes 16 hours a day, hell no I can't do that.

    and I did say that I have a problem with my back ( i guess that could have been misunderstood) my back issues come in "flare ups" not constant.

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    @lynnstrick01 With the added information, it sounds like you have quite a bit to keep you busy. I've had jobs that did the same, and at times burn a lot of extra calories around the house working on stuff. The only real downside is at times it is a more relaxed pace, but if desired you could step up the pace where it's safe and get a good cardio workout in the deal as well.

    I had a job as a contractor that was fairly physical and paid piece work. At times I would more or less look at it like a workout. The quicker I got done the quicker I was out, and if I pushed the pace I could get a fairly solid workout too.

    I do think to some extent that the more physical my jobs were, the less I needed or enjoyed going out for "exercise" as you would differentiate it. But when you burn a lot of energy daily, it's not the same relaxing thing that it can be for many desk jockeys, or less physical jobs. When I've had real pressure cooker type jobs going out for a hard bike ride or some other cardio was a great stress relief, and I usually looked forward to it.