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    Happy 52nd bday, Mihani! Hope you had a nice day and even got out of the office for a little bit!

    Karrie, that sounds so cool! I think I downloaded that app when it first came maybe back on my old phone. I will have to check. My knees are a little iffy for running, but hearing you talk about it makes me want to try it out again.

    Not a good food day for me today, but at least I got in a good workout by doing a bunch of yard work. Used the leaf blower and rake to clean up and filled 4 huge outdoor trash bags. Then spread new bark mulch and picked up a bunch of twigs and branches by hand.

    Breakfast - smoothie
    Lunch - fried tofu and avocado sandwich on a large white bun with a side of yam fries with ginger dipping sauce. super delish but first bread since January and definitely not on plan.
    Dinner - Chili
    Snack - chia seed pudding with orange zest, orange slices and blueberries
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    Hey guys!! Sorry for being MIA for awhile there. I haven't been sick in so long but man I got knocked out this week!! Maybe some extra stress/less sleep was the perfect mix. Excited that it's Friday though.

    I skimmed through all of the exciting updates from everyone, sounds like it's been a great week for some.

    Karrie, happy belated birthday! Woohoo!! I love the idea of the virtual race. Can you post the link? I like the idea of training for something but also hate actual group races I have realized lol.

    Mihani, happy (belated) birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Are you celebrating tomorrow night?? Wine always sounds good. For some reason, I thought your bday was tomorrow actually!

    Carla, how is your house stuff going? We are going to look at (maybe) our dream house today! I'm afraid to be excited. It's actually 1.3 acres, which is kinda perfect. It also has a pool which is a bonus. But going from townhouse to country will be a big change, especially with time, so we have to think that through. No house sale yet unfortunately, I think because it's only 2 bedrooms, but crossing our fingers.

    Blondie, woohoo on the loss! How was your first week? Poor son, I used to get ear infections a lot as a kid, they are the worst.

    Terri, exciting to hear about the fasting experiment too, and that it wasn't so bad. How are you feeling? Have an awesome trip.

    Happy weekend everyone!!
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    Hello again! I'm trying to get on here to check in everyday, but it's looking like the best I can do is every other day and sometimes every three days. My schedule is full! I'm taking 19 units and I'm almost halfway through the semester and I'm really feeling the stress from all the work required of me. Also, I have a four-year-old son with Autism, I just finished the LONG process of switching his ABA therapy to a different company after I figured out the supervisor on his case was failing him terribly because she was too lazy to do her job and two of the best therapists on my son's case left the company, I basically followed them to the new company. I also caught the supervisor in several lies and she was constantly cheating my son out of much needed hours. I'm incredibly happy with this new company and the new supervisor has some really great programs she's implementing for my son. So needless to say, I'm a busy girl.

    Happy belated birthday Karrie! I think I'm going to download that app, that sounds like fun and I wanted to get out and start running again. Thanks for telling us about it!

    Mihani, happy belated birthday to you as well! Enjoy that wine. :)

    Carla, I want to thank you for posting those recipes. I can't wait to make them! I love adding great recipes to my rotation.

    Terri, I hope your inflammation goes down soon, that is never fun. Thanks for the info and the ebook, I find the physiology of food and our bodies so interesting. Enjoy your trip to New York, I visited years ago and loved it. I hope I can visit again sooner than later, but I live in California so it's quite far for me. We have some family in D.C. and I would like to visit them in the next couple of years, so hopefully I can make that happen.

    I'm on day 10 and I had a glass of red wine the other night, so that's been my only cheat. My friend brought over a really good bottle and I just had to have a glass. My menu today:
    B - Green smoothie
    L - 1 cup of black beans and salsa
    D - Grilled vegetable salad
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    Carla, that lunch sandwich sounds delicious. I’m sure that all your hard work in the yard burned off any extra calories.

    Lia glad you are feeling better! How did you like the house you went to look at?

    Blondie, you definitely have a lot going on to cope with. Great job sticking with the 6 week plan through all that.

    Last night I flung myself from the diet wagon. The sushi party was fun as always. It has become a yearly tradition. We had so much food though, lots of it vegan and of course I had a little of everything plus one and a half glasses of wine, and another glass after I got home and wouldn’t have to drive. Feeling very tired this morning and bummed I have to go to the office.

    Yesterday was a tough day all around though. I had to take my old gal in yesterday morning and have her put down. It was so hard, but it was time and I know it was the right thing to do. She had barely moved from her bed for two days and was refusing to eat. I don’t know if she was in pain or not, but now I know she has no pain. She was a really really good dog. So the party wasn’t as fun for me as usual, I was pretty wiped out after the morning, but it was probably good for me to make the vegan sushi and get out around people rather than sitting home crying.
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    I had a great trip to NYC with my daughter. The trip went so smooth and she got a job offer during the interview. Yeah! Now, she at least has 1 job offer under her belt. She has one more in NYC on March 7.

    We stayed at Marriot Inn in New Rochelle and they upgraded our room. So we had a full suite with a view of the Hudson River all for $135.

    When I was trying to find a vegan restaurant it was too cold to walk to far so I stopped at a Carribean Restaurant. Had the Veggie Run down and it was fantastic.

    Friday morning before the interview I needed to take my daughter suit shopping. The suit that she brought with her was very old and shabby. Luckily, we found a beautiful suit at the dress barn. So, it did not break the bank.

    Her interview was at 2 pm. I was in desperate need of a rest-room. Noticed the public library was right next store, and promptly saw they had a tour of the library from 2 pm to 3 pm. So, I went on the walking tour of that beautiful library.

    We finished up some shopping for my daughter. Took the train back to New Rochelle, had dinner at that fabulous Caribbean restaurant then drove home.

    I had no pain or swelling while I was in NY. I am thinking it might be the nut/rice milks. They are a little high in sugar. Still, not sure. But when I ate at home again the swelling came back. Coincidence?

    Happy Belated Birthday Mahini your sushi party sounded fun.

    Lia; good luck with the house.

    Blondie; your sure have a lot on your plate. Good luck with school. Hope you are able to finish quickly.

    Karrie: your zombie run sounds fun.

    Carlan; your lunch does sound yummy.

    Well I am off to the gym.

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    Mihani, I'm so sorry to hear about your dear old doggie. It is a hard decision but you made the best one you could for him and made him comfortable for as long as possible. The sushi party was good timing for getting out for a bit. Sounds yummy. I've been craving it lately, along with a host of other foods!

    Glad you had such a good trip with your daughter, Terri! Do you make your own nut milks? I wonder if that would make the difference.

    Blondie, you are doing a great job of juggling everything! How rewarding to change companies for your son's therapy and have it turn out so much better.

    We haven't sold our house yet either, Lia. We've had a couple of buyers come for a second look this weekend though, so hopefully we get an offer soon. My fingers are crossed for you, too! That acreage sounds nice, hope it is what you're looking for when you see it in person.

    This weekend we decided on the house we're going to try to buy, unless something else comes on the market that we can't resist. It's the one I first told you guys about, with the outdoor pool. It has a nice art studio space that I can fix up, a workshop for my husband, and the house is a good size for us. 10 acres, but most of that is wooded, so probably not too much maintenance.

    My food choices haven't been as good as they were for the first month and a half. Too many meals out have led to lots of cravings. We're kind of half-assing it here with vegan chickn fingers and veggie burgers and too much oatmeal, a 'treat' muffin etc. Boo!

    Breakfast - blueberry banana oatmeal
    Lunch - veggie bean chili
    Snack - chick'n fingers and a flaxseed blueberry muffin
    Dinner - Italian field roast sausage and Amy's veggie burger on whole wheat bun

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    I read here that things are good and not so good for some of us. Ah, life. It just keeps moving along. I'm just going with the flow.
    I am not doing great but still checking in. Will spend more time later. Spent the day doing tax paperwork, getting ready for our appointment coming up. Ugh.
    Back soon!
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    Hi guys :)

    Lisa, it's kinda nice to just go with the flow for a bit sometimes too. Hopefully it's not too stressful on your end at least.

    Carla, glad it hear it's not just us! This house thing is stressful. A week feels like a month! We had a ton of people come through this weekend and I got all excited thinking an offer must be coming then too but still nothing. I keep thinking "How can I make someone buy my house?!"LOL. The house we saw was lovely!! It needed lots of updating but that kinda seemed fun too. Although I wonder how many times can you say "and then we can do that and then that, and then that" before you should probably wait for another house lol. We were quite interested but half hour after we left we heard there was an offer coming through, and we really didn't want to rush or put in bids, so we are waiting. Carla, do you think you'll put an offer in on that place soon then? That's so exciting!

    Mihani, so sorry to hear about the pup. What a bittersweet weekend for you. Glad you were surrounded by some happiness and friends/family on Saturday night at least. Lots of comfort food too.

    Terri, awesome that you weren't in pain in NY! That is really strange that it stopped? Do you make your own nut milk? I wonder what it could be. Nice to have a break though, and congrats to your daughter.

    Blondie, great to hear you were able to switch your son to a new program! How disappointing about the last one though...

    We are now living back at my parents' place since my husband started the new job yesterday. It's nice because I'm not commuting but will be strange cooking at someone else's house since we eat differently from them. And even storing all our food may be a challenge. Wish us luck! I'm in need of some new recipes actually...
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    Thanks for the kind words about my pup. I know I did the right thing and I’m starting to adjust. She was over 13 years old, that is a good long lifespan for a big dog like that.

    Now to get back on track, I’ve let myself go completely comfort food whatever attitude and that’s not doing me any good. I’m going to a show the end of March and I want to be able to wear a pretty dress that right now doesn’t quite fit, so that is good motivation. I have 3 weeks to get into that dress. I did get back to salads yesterday and today and need to concentrate on more veggies, more veggies, more veggies. And beans. And consistent treadmilling.

    Carla, I really love vegan chick’n tenders. They are crazy good comfort food. I actually like them better than I ever liked real chicken fingers I think, although I haven’t eaten meat in so many years I don’t really remember. Have you put in an offer on the house yet?

    Lisa, glad you’re still checking in!

    Lia, hope something happens with the house soon so you can relax a little.