Mid-Week Check In - How's everyone doing???



  • lizadaze
    lizadaze Posts: 118 Member
    That's terrific, Martin! We're so happy to have you here with us. Keep up the good work. And P.S. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your chicken (or is that a rooster?).
  • martinezkrauss
    martinezkrauss Posts: 20 Member
    Isn't he just great? Dave The Rooster is the official pet greeter at my local fed store. He came right up to me the other day while I was getting hay for my house rabbits. He wanted to be picked up and petted and he was disappointed when I put him down and wanted to be held more. He is just too much. So I took a selfie! A picture of me with any of my four bunnies just strikes me as too effeminate so I was happy to show him off. :0). - Jonathan
  • kesslemg
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    Thank you everyone for the moral support. I reweighed myself this morning and was down 1.7 lbs. I'm wondering if part of it was sodium. Thursdays are crazy for me and I had some skinny pop popcorn and some other convenience foods like canned soup. I may switch my weigh in to Saturday. On a side note, we had pasta last night and I had one serving and stopped. It tasted really good but I stopped. It also paired walk with a nice glass of red wine!
  • lizadaze
    lizadaze Posts: 118 Member
    Great work Melissa! You are totally right about sodium. It can really sabotage your weight loss and it totally rules the scale. I know this happens to me when I have a high sodium day. So keep that in mind now for the future and don't let a high sodium day ruin your outlook on progress. You really had a great week!
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