Which lifting program is the best for you?



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    Funny coincidence - I learned/remembered how to use FitNotes app better, and changed the default rest time on most of the exercises to be shorter in general, and usually try to stop trying to accomplish other chores during the rest that make it take longer. I've only trimmed 5-10 min off, and observed the same response of some lifts are harder due to shorter rests.

    How old was he encouraging you? Got a friends kid about 8-9 that loves timing things, and after I showed him how to get a timer app with laps available - he is ready to tell you the portions of your timing on different things. So funny.
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    Gosh, this was more than a decade ago, so I'm guessing he was 11 or 12. Probably 12, as my gym doesn't allow kids under 13 into the weight area, but he was big for his age. As in already taller than me by age 12 big.
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    The one you can adhere to
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    So my wife is doing the M&S women's 5day program and loves it.

    Btw, i am a big fan on many of the AthleanX programs. They are great. The ones i have done is BEAXST, Old School Iron, and All American Muscle.
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    thanks for the links
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    Yes Thank you!
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