Fitbit exercise adjustments going nuts



  • Kimegatron
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    edited February 2016
    Wow this has helped, thanks so much! I see it shows your steps on this app now, that's cool! I do have the hr and was about to go back to my zip but didn't. I don't use the timer, although sometimes my kid likes to press the button. Drives me nuts, ha-ha
  • timmymilocat
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    Nope. Tried it...still nuts! I also had to unsync my fitbit as MFP also added some fitbit scale, which I don't have, and won't allow me to remove just the scale, as well as adding doubIe the amount of exercise and calories used. I also, apparently, am projected to gain 40+ kg in the next 5 weeks lol. Everything worked perfectly up until the 6th. Get your act together MFP!
  • Protranser
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    Also... if you have the Fitbit Charge HR and use the timer function during exercise, and log it into MFP, it will double count.

    You're not supposed to be logging exercise in mfp if you're using a tracking device. The tracking device, if synced with your account, will handle all your exercise calorie adjustments.