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Muscle gain in deficit?



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    I have heard people say they aren't losing weight because they are gaining muscle and "muscle weighs more than fat".

    Though it was brought up i would like to point out

    if youre not losing weight but gaining muscle
    -your weight would stay the same
    -youre losing fat
    -youre gaining muscle

    This is called body recomp. youre at maintenance calories and your body is changing but not your weight is not.
    Yep. This is happening to me right now. I've been using MFP for a month now trying to stick to a deficit diet. While I was losing about 1 lb per week, I still didn't feel happy with my progress. I started a lifting program and while my weight is no longer decreasing, I feel and am visibly stronger. The most immediate thing I noticed was my waist line slimming down. All of sudden, I'm not so picky about a number on a scale.

    This! I'm "dense" by nature. The scale is a sick joke for me. It's genetics, my mom had a lot of muscle - and I do too. I basically just gain fat over my muscle. Annoying, but I don't lose much strength, unless I'm a terrible human and skip the gym for like 4 months at a time. haha

    I lost a bunch of weight, and gained only half back, but my scale reads the same as when I was at my heaviest - but I don't look the same. MUSCLE - it's a fantastic thing. But screw the scale!
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    Aw. I suspected as much. (sad trombone plays in the background) (shuffles away like Charlie Brown)


    My own experience with the Omron's is that I had a DEXA scan on 6/6/15 that said 33.7% body fat, and an Omron on 6/13/15 say I was at 26%. Seeing as my weight was pretty close between those two days, I'm guessing the Omron was off. It is also worth mentioning that the way it would be off for a DEXA scan is going to vary by individual, and even sometimes things like time and hydration state differences for the same individual.
    I once had the nurse doing an Omron tell me it must be wrong because my arm was too big for me to be at a high body fat percentage designation when it read 20%. I'm not sure how that works, but I certainly found it amusing.
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    I can't find it now but I recently read a new study showing muscle gain and a large amount of fat lost in trainees even though they were only eating 40% of the calories they needed to maintain.

    I definitely recently gained back some lean mass despite a large calorie deficit because I am coming back from a layoff.
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