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    Has anyone tasted watermelon and mustard. Apparently it's the new fad and wanted opinions.

    Shoots I had my last piece of watermelon yesterday. I want to try this.

    I was chatting in another thread in food and nutrition. People were saying watermelon with salt tastes good.

    It is good, haven’t tried mustard though.
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    The creek outside my son’s hotel room in CO.
    He said they have a giant pump which recirculates the water so the stream always looks like it’s running.

    That tells me that the hotel he stayed in was too darn expensive!
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    Has anyone tasted watermelon and mustard. Apparently it's the new fad and wanted opinions.

    Yes. It’s ok. You need quality mustard. Not that yellow *kitten*.

    Does mustard work just as well? asking for a thread.
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    Even though he’s little, when this kitten is in full war mode,,,,, he’s scary! 🥺😝
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    edited July 2021
    Are some people just not meant to live anywhere else? I've always kind of wanted to move to a different state, but then feel panicky when thinking about living in a strange place, which makes me feel either like I'm weird or acting like a baby. :/
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    That I was today year's old when I realized how freakin' easy it is to embed a video on here. :)
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    ReenieHJ wrote: »
    It's nice to see my 88 yo neighbor upbeat for a change. He's gone blind in one eye and was rapidly losing sight in hi other eye, to the point where he couldn't distinguish faces or anything. He'd been to a dr. before; they'd stick needles in his eyes which was very painful and was doing nothing at all. He went to the VA dr. yesterday and they put some drops of some kind in his eye and told him to wait an hour and a half. He said 'it's a miracle, I can see the flowers and red tomatoes now!' :) He was ecstatic. :)
    Sorry, more of a topic for the made me smile thread but too lazy to move it, so here ya go. :)

    Post this everywhere, Reenie!! It’s worth it!! ❤️❤️
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    7:45 PM Saturday and I could go to bed already....very sad!
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    Sometimes you're caught up in that slow motion thinking and moving action, ya know? Yesterday my sister and I were cutting out rhubarb roots to replace elsewhere and she's not the steadiest person due to her age and all-around clumsiness. All of a sudden I'm standing there, not able to move, but watching her do a very slow tuck and roll right past me. No screaming, clutching of my arm, swearing, nothing. And all I was capable of was waiting for her to finish her stunt and ask if she was alright. Thankfully she's okay but I swear she couldn't have performed a better tuck and roll if she'd been hired for a million bucks as a stunt double.
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    I think today is the day I take a gamble on something.🎰
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