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Am I the only one that finds it difficult to eat more?



  • scaryann1scaryann1 Member Posts: 259 Member Member Posts: 259 Member
    I talked my cousin into being my model so I could see how it looked on someone with a neck!
    I absolutely love the results. Although the photo doesn't do my cousin nor the necklace any justice. The necklace is for sale on my website, I'm more than happy to send you a link if you send me a pm asking for it. :smiley: I won't post it here because I got a nasty note for posting the link once.

  • scaryann1scaryann1 Member Posts: 259 Member Member Posts: 259 Member
    Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) = 1972
    Daily calories to maintain weight (TDEE) = 2465
    Average calories = 1825
    Last weeks Average =

    Week 25 steps = 4753

    Step count is only outside the house and is the entire week, not one day.

    Weight - Starting weight-305 pounds August 2014/ Nov. 6, 2017 303.4
    Calf- April 2016-20.5 inches/ Last week 19 / Today 18.75 inches
    Thigh- April 2016-29.25 inches / Last week 25 / Today 25 inches
    Hips - August 2013-59 inches / Last week 55 / Today 56.5 inches
    Abdomen - June 2016-49.25 inches / Last week 41 / Today 41 inches
    Waist - August, 2013-50.5 inches / Last week 44 / Today 45
    Forearm - April 2016-13 inches / Last week 12 inches/Today 11.5 inches

    Goals / Avg
    Carbs 60% / 47%
    Fat 30% / 38%
    Protein 10% / 15%

    Going to try to get back into the swing of things. I think I was getting bored with keeping track of everything while having so little change. I still kept track of what I was eating, just not any measurements. Maybe once a month would be even better for me right now. I'm just not sure. I've been keeping myself very busy with my chainmaille. I have noticed a huge difference in the amount of pain in my hands since I started doing the chainmaille. My hands don't hurt nearly as much as they did.

  • TheHobbit2017TheHobbit2017 Member Posts: 96 Member Member Posts: 96 Member
    My pt did my TDEE and it came out at 2540. Min calories to be 2040. Up until now my diary hits around 1500 / 1800 calories before exercise so time to up those a bit. Yesterday I ate as much as I felt I could but after strength training and biking 8 miles to work and back I had a net calorie count of around 1000. I’m ganna work harder at eating more!
  • katebelowkatebelow Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    scaryann1 wrote: »
    It doesn't help that I have hEDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome hypermobility type), I can and have dislocated my knees and ankles by walking. I have dislocated my right shoulder three times this year by simply sleeping. My right wrist dislocates 10+ times a day, even with a brace on. I can't cup vegetables, and I despise fruit. Tomatoes make my throat swell shut. All I have to do is smell a cucumber to get heartburn so bad I can't concentrate for an entire day.

    Anyway, I'm just discouraged and need some new ideas. If no one has any ideas that's okay, I'm used to being left out.

    I suspect I would qualify for a hEDS diagnosis. I can do thumb to forearm, used to freak people out with hypermobility, managed to dislocate 5 different joints in a single day (unloading a truck - don't remember which specific ones). When my wife first saw my naked back, she thought I had been whipped, and I have some ridiculous atrophic scarrings where my legs meet my body, and have both the steinberg sign and the walker-murdoch sign.

    My left shoulder is destroyed (bicycle accident), and dislocating my knees is trivial - all I have to do is cross them and bounce. I used to dislocate walking down stairs - I'd turn wrong, and my hip or knee would go out. I've dislocated once while driving, and it freaked my wife when I'd call out for her lying on the floor, unable to move.

    Over time, I've learned to be careful in how I move - I've learned the motions that dislocate and avoid them. I don't think I've had any dislocations in the past year, and only one or two in the two years before that. When I got married in 2010, it was once every month or two, generally in the legs or hips. In college, it was once every few weeks, and as a teenager, it was up to multiple times a day.

    For me, it's basically been physical therapy. I can feel when a dislocation is starting, and have learned to relax the muscles. I'll go limp take a fall rather than dislocate. When I turn in bed, I rarely start the motions that would dislocate, and if I do start, I tense my muscles before it gets out of the socket to keep it in. If it gets past that point, I relax the muscles so as not to pull it out.

    I don't know what your insurance situation is, but it might make sense to look into physical therapy, if you haven't already.
    scaryann1 wrote: »
    All I have to do is smell a cucumber to get heartburn so bad I can't concentrate for an entire day.

    I used to get heartburn almost every time I'd eat anything spicy. One day, I ended up delaying eating, and still got the heartburn. I realized at that point that for me, it was psychosomatic - caused by mental factors, rather than physical ones. I decided not to do it anymore, and (using some biofeedback techniques I've learned over time) stopped.

    A decade later, I've slipped up only a couple times (I could count them on one hand). The heartburn is gone, and I can "feel" the thought pattern in the brain that would cause it. I had set up a pattern between a physical symptom (the burn of spicy foods) and heartburn, and broke that pattern when I realized that the link was mental, not physical.

    As for your issues with vegetables, have you tested to see if you are allergic to the pollen (pollen food syndrome), or chemicals on the food themselves? Does cooking help? For some people, cooking lets them tolerate most foods - celery being one of the notable exceptions where cooking won't help.
  • scaryann1scaryann1 Member Posts: 259 Member Member Posts: 259 Member
    I'm still here plugging away. I have no idea what I weigh, and I don't even care anymore! That in itself is amazing. I am finally starting to find it easier to eat more. I've also found it much easier to avoid the foods that cause problems. I still want pizza or spaghetti occasionally, but no where near as often.

    I'm still doing my chainmaille, I've even opened my own web store to sell my creations. Let me tell you NYS sales taxes or Confusing!!!! No wonder so many people and businesses are leaving this crazy state. I'd leave too if I could afford to.

    My youngest brother (still older than me, I'm the baby) had a major stroke a few days before Christmas. It's amazing that he even survived it let alone is walking and talking. He has had two major surgeries so far and has at least two more to go. He was diagnosed with Moyamoya syndrome. They figure that with the way his CAT scan looked he has been having mini strokes for the last forty years. He'll be 51 in May. The doctors said his CAT scan looked like shattered glass. The went in on the fourth on the right side first and rerouted his arteries to give them the room they need to deliver the blood to his body. Then yesterday they did the left side. They do the next surgery on Wednesday.

    They finally did some tests on my sister's back and they told her that they had waited too long and now there is nothing they can do for her. Her back has disintegrated so bad that it is a miracle that she is still walking.

    So my Holidays were horrendous, I hope yours was much better.6ddckha6a4yj.jpg

  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 18,051 Member Member Posts: 18,051 Member
    I'm so glad you have something beautiful to focus on with the rest of life having so much difficulties.
    Sorry to hear about sister - does she have some close support - or are you going to be the winner there?
    And I only say that from the perspective that at some point, even if someone has the desire to help another - you reach a point where it can negatively influence your own life to a big degree.

    It's like the warning on a flight - parents take the oxygen first so you can help your child - does no good if you attempt to help them first and you pass out in the effort.
  • scaryann1scaryann1 Member Posts: 259 Member Member Posts: 259 Member
    My sister is currently my Dad's care giver. She's one that doesn't like to be helped, yet insists on helping others. My own back and legs dislocate several times a day now too. My brother came through his final surgery and an angiogram yesterday. He was in surgery for over eight hours.
  • scaryann1scaryann1 Member Posts: 259 Member Member Posts: 259 Member
    A quick update... My brother had three major brain surgeries and two angiograms. He is now home! They rerouted his arteries in his brain and removed an aneurysm. He still has a ways to go with PT and speech therapy but he's on the mend.

    If you want the link to my design pages just PM me.
  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 18,051 Member Member Posts: 18,051 Member
    Oh wow, you describe that as if it was old hat for the surgeon. Perhaps it was, but it still sounds like brain surgery to me!
  • milf2bemilf2be Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    At the beginning of my weightloss program, I was eating 1200 calories a day (give or take). Now, I am 15 lbs from my goal weight and I work out a lot! I have a sedentary job, but I play soccer 4 times a week and hit the gym at least 5 days a week. I have hit a major plateau and know I need to up my calorie intake. My problem, is that I don't feel hungry. I'm having a hard time adjusting the foods I eat to meet a higher calorie goal. I'm totally up for suggestions if any ladies out there have some!

    Side note, I'm in a biggest loser competition (and currently in 1st place with 5 weeks left to go), so it is important to me to see a drop in the scale each week if possible.
  • scaryann1scaryann1 Member Posts: 259 Member Member Posts: 259 Member
    Peanut butter! Actually most any kind of calorie dense items help. Even after two years at this I still find it difficult at times to hit my 2300 calories every day. Last time I stepped on a scale I was still right on 305. So I guess I finally found my TDEE or at least my current TDEE LOL. I've learned that things like ice cream and peanut butter are my friends. I still have to pay close attention to what I eat or I end up way under eating, so hanging out at the same weight even though I sometimes even go over (Wow, I never dreamt I'd ever get to say that!) has been a real eye opener for me. Good luck!
  • katedalzell7katedalzell7 Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
    Try to make yourself smoothies made of fruits and veggies.
  • twb6513twb6513 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    How do you add friends?
  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 18,051 Member Member Posts: 18,051 Member
    twb6513 wrote: »
    How do you add friends?

    whenever you click on a member, one of the options is friend request.

    when you receive that request, option right there to accept, that is how you add.
    Otherwise you are asking to be added.
  • scaryann1scaryann1 Member Posts: 259 Member Member Posts: 259 Member
    I'm still here, plugging away. :smiley: I have been averaging right around 2300 calories/day. I still have days when I struggle, but they are getting fewer all the time! Still staying right at 305 pounds.

    Still doing my chainmaille, I've even set up a web site to sell it now. I will be doing my second craft show on Saturday. My first show I sold one bracelet so that covered the cost of setting up. I consider that a success! I have even expanded so that now I am working in stainless steel, brass, bronze, and aluminum. I learn new weaves almost daily. I even started working with larger rings, therefore building more muscle in my arms! My hands don't hurt nearly as much as they used to!

    My very first piece in stainless steel using Swarvoski crystals

    I guess that's it for now. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here, and still kicking. :smile:
  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 18,051 Member Member Posts: 18,051 Member
    That's great news about the hand use improving the hand pain.

    Now if you could just slowly get other parts of the body involved without the side effects that hit you so bad.

    Glad you are having a good time with the hobby/business moving to business level. You have enough shows within easy reach to get to that are reasonable?

    And you found that local business that'll let you sell in their store?
  • Cast78Cast78 Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    It’s been well over a year since I’ve been on here. Ended up having weight loss surgery and getting 80lbs off (mentally hard), but now at the point of trying to get my calories up and it’s VERY HARD TO DO, with a small stomach. Mfp shows me to have 1440 a day to still lose weight (I have about 20 lbs to go) but I only managed 1200 today. I’m supposed to be eating roughly 1800. How do I even get there!?!? Any advice?
    edited May 2018
  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 18,051 Member Member Posts: 18,051 Member
    energy dense over nutritionally dense.

    More fat over more fiber.

    With 1800 cal - you can easily get nutrition in - so you'll have excess calories that can be filled with things that have fat in them, and protein, and carb, but perhaps not much nutrition.
    Which doesn't matter then when you need the calories too.

    Obviously more frequent meals to get the calories in. Cheese added to many things can help, as can butter.

    I'd suggest with only 20 lbs to go, if your TDEE is really around 1800, than 1440 is way too low.
    1/2 lb weekly should be your amount of loss attempt. 15% is 270 cal deficit, so 1/2 lb and leave 200 cal in the green.

    But log exercise done on MFP, and eat to new goal. That's how it works.
    You do more, you eat more.
    You don less, you eat less (that's the kicker for many).

    In a diet, a tad less in either case.
  • scaryann1scaryann1 Member Posts: 259 Member Member Posts: 259 Member
    Well, so much for trying to post from the app...

    I thought I'd pop in and let everyone know I'm still here and plugging away. :smiley: My summer has been crazy busy. I'm setting up at three farmer's markets! I'm exhausted and almost ready for the season to end, but not ready in the least for it to end at the same time. Does that make any sense?

    I don't even remember the last time I stepped on the scales. BIG improvement huh. :smile: While this season is almost over I'm already looking to next years season. I will be setting up at two markets next season.

    I still have times when I have to fight to get those last 5-600 calories in, but it gets easier every month. I have no idea how I managed to do everything I did while only eating 800 - 1200 calories a day. I'm actually starting to feel hungry again! (Although it can be annoying at times. LOL)


  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 18,051 Member Member Posts: 18,051 Member
    A good full summer, and getting to do what you enjoy to boot - glad it's going well enough.
    And yeah, think how the body would be falling apart if malnourished. well, don't think about it too much, but good job.
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