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CICO, still skeptical? Come inside for a meticulous log that proves it.

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I did it with perfect tracking of CICO for 10 months. Almost nothing but junk besides a daily apple or some other fruit. Here.

Before and afters are on this page Scroll to post #239

I felt awesome the whole time. I got into the best shape I've been in was running 8 miles in 56 min and could bench press more than twice my bodyweight. My main source of protein was pizza...

Before I get accused of promoting bad nutrition, I simply did this as an extreme test because I didn't fully believe that you could eat anything and still lose fat. I tried most other fad diets and never wanted to get on board with counting calories. I did this to prove it could work to myself and for others to witness.

Also, in my profile pic I had lost another 4 lbs and got down to 178. 176 was my lowest before I quit logging.

Example day:
1 large apple
1 serving go lean chocolate malted crisp
1/2 serving Naturally Rising Pepperoni Pizza
1/2 serving Onion Rings
4 oz pork ribs
1 cup salad
1/2 serving strawberry marshmallows

1 cup 1% milk
1 medium banana
1.1 servings BANANA BREAD
1 serving ben and jerry's cinnamon buns
1 serving fruit loops
1 serving kellogs frosted mini-wheats

1 serving 2% Milk American Cheese Singles
1 serving freschetta pizza
2 servings great value white bread
1 serving oatmeal creme pie
2 servings smoked turkey slices
0.4 serving stax

Example of the accuracy of CICO:
As of Day 126
Total deficit 113033= 32.29
Deficit would put me at 183.71 lbs.
Todays morning weight 183 lbs.
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    In for the firestorm....
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    moe0303 wrote: »
    In. <<<<<Why are we saying that?

    How did you track calories out? I once did a similar test, but didn't really record the whole thing, just did it daily. Lost over 50 pounds on taco bell and Wendy's....and diet coke.

    Fat secret
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