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What do you use to drink your water?



  • Christine_72
    Christine_72 Posts: 16,049 Member
    I have a 1.5L bottle which I refill through out the day. We have a water filter on our kitchen tap.
  • chelseascounter
    chelseascounter Posts: 1,283 Member
    I use a contigo 'autospout' 32 oz water bottle from target.
  • A_New_Creation
    A_New_Creation Posts: 171 Member
    edited March 2016
    I aim for 3L a day. I have a bottle that holds 1L and refill it as needed to hit this goal. I use tap water. Also, for anyone that struggles with water intake, I found that downing 1L upon waking helps me.
  • NaturalNancy
    NaturalNancy Posts: 1,093 Member
    I use a green canteen, it holds 3cups of water.
    I fill it up multiple times throughout the day.
    Filtered water at my job and a britta filter at home.
    Glad you are thinking about quitting plastic water bottles.
    You are right; they're expensive, bad for the environment and a lot of the bottled water is really just tap water in plastic.
    It's annoying and takes more effort to fill up britta filters and carry water bottles but it's worth it.
    If you can afford a home filtration system at home, they're awesome!
    Tons of ppl I know drink tap water, I just prefer the taste of filtered water.