Mariah Carey



  • ghudson92
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    I like her Christmas song
  • KosmosKitten
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    This belongs here. :smirk:

  • LyndaBSS
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    I loved her very first song, when she was pretty much an unknown. Then she realized how good she was and became a diva. Not the good kind.
  • Reckoner68
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    This thread just reminds me that I miss @back_in_black
  • kam26001
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    Sometimes I can hit those Mariah Carey high notes when I'm in the shower. I think it's from all the steam relaxing my vocal chords. Or maybe I'm the most delusional *kitten* on the internet right now.
  • latincoffee
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    ninerbuff wrote: »
    I actually met her in '91 backstage at a Summer Jam concert because at the time I was dating a popular radio station DJ in the Bay Area. She was stunning back then and can still sing her *kitten* off now.

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    That's awesome! I met her in 99' here in downtown Chicago. She was nice.