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    I also find it super helpful to plan out and pre-log 'cheat' meals, or whatever I plan on having. It helps me make things fit my plan for the day. On most days, I have all of my meals planned and logged at breakfast time. It helps me figure out the rest of the day if I plan on having pizza for dinner or something like that - I know when I'm having one meal that is not the healthiest, I need to fit better, less calorie dense meals in for the rest of the day :).
    For the most part, I don't really consider them 'cheat' meals (not that I have a problem with the term or concept), and I don't deprive myself of certain foods. If I want something, I eat it...but in moderation, and I make it fit my calorie goal. Sometimes, this mean more time walking or running or on the exercise bike. Sometimes it means a low calorie lunch. Sometimes it means just one slice of pizza. It is important for me to enjoy treats like pizza, and chocolate, and the occassional boston cream donut. Just not a ton of it, and not everyday (except maybe for a bit of chocolate; I always have those little Halloween size boxes of smarties in the house :) ).

    That's more or less the way I do it, too -- I try to use a balanced approach to my meal planning. I want to enjoy my meals, of course, but I want to make sure I plan ahead on how to make the meal fit my "calorie budget".

    Smart. It works well for you, obviously :)
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    Congratulations everyone!! So happy with how much weight this group has lost!