Gained 5 pounds in just 3 days...Urk!



  • amusedmonkey
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    2lbs from a cookie? Wow...that's crazy. Are you sure it was the cookie causing it?

    Thanks, guys. I'll try to calm down some. But damn, this is frustrating. I still dont know why things are so different this time from other times. It even looks like my weight is going to be even more up tomorrow. It's not hormones...I'm a guy. I'm starting to think my scale was off for months, and this may be my true weight all along? I dont know anymore.

    Guys have hormones too. It's obvious you are stressing too much about this stuff. Unless you know for a fact that you didn't consumed 8000 calories on each of these 3 days, it will likely resolve soon, however long it takes. If you did consume 800 calories a day on these days, then put it behind you and move on. The only thing you can do about it is to not quit.
  • CraigontheCoast
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    The advice about throwing away your scale may not be a bad idea. At one point I bought an electronic scale and after agonizing over its ups and downs, I tried weighing myself a few times in a row, and got a variance of 5 pounds up or down within 2 minutes. We retired the electronic scale and got a beam scale (medical clinic-type scale) off of craigslist and that variance went away.
  • perkymommy
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    Try to remember that your body has a lot more going on inside it other than just you dieting or trying to lose weight. Exercise can also make you retain water around the muscles and cause you to show a gain on the scales. Try to stay on whatever diet plan you are using and remain constant and I'm sure those scales will surprise you very soon. :)
  • Hawtcookies
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    Thanks once more, guys. I know guys have hormones too, but they don't fluctuate like a woman's do. And a fluctuation of 5% in body weight seems a bit much. You're all right about having to relax, though. I just can't stop fretting about it. I seem to be retaining some more, which makes me start to think it may be something medical. Can overeating for a few days trigger something? Or it's just me stressing out, heh.
    Oh, it's not the scale. I verified it with another scale. And if I step on it a few times, it's always accurate within half an lb.
  • Springfield1970
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    You better come back and calm us all down when your weight drops! That's all I can say.

    The human body is a funny thing. I wish the human mind could just be a little more detached, it would make things easier.
  • Hawtcookies
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    I'll report in when there's something to report, hehe. Today is day 7 and no change whatsoever yet...Someone can give me some patience?