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  • jofjltncb6jofjltncb6 Member Posts: 34,956 Member Member Posts: 34,956 Member
    synchkat wrote: »
    jofjltncb6 wrote: »
    synchkat wrote: »
    synchkat wrote: »
    Well that's a little creepy
    btw might wanna charge your phone 99% is a little low for my liking

    More concerned about those 2/5 dots/bars.

    What do those dots mean anyway? Aren't this things we're just not to understand?



    At least you're pretty.

    I know phew right. have you seen my pretty hair

    Yes, in fact I did...

    ...when I creepily creeped your profile pic.

    (Has anyone seen my pretty hair?

    No, seriously. Has anyone seen it? I lost it about 15 years ago and I'd really like it back. These Boston winters make my head cold.)
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