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April 2016 Running Challenge



  • vandinemvandinem Posts: 550Member Member Posts: 550Member Member
    Date      Miles      MTD
    ------    -----    -----
    Apr 01    103.7    103.7  April Fools!!
    Apr 03      6.2      6.2  Cohasset 10K, PR and 19th in my age group!
    Apr 05      5.3T    11.5
    Apr 06      3.8T    15.3
    Apr 09      6.4     21.7
    Apr 10      5.0     26.7
    Apr 11      3.6T    30.3
    Apr 12      3.8T    34.1
    Apr 16     11.2     45.3
    Apr 17      4.3     49.6
    Apr 19      5.0     54.6
    Apr 20      4.2     58.8
    Apr 22      5.1     63.9
    Apr 23     11.4     75.3
    Apr 24      5.6     80.9
    Apr 27      5.1     86.0
    Apr 28      4.3     90.3
    Apr 29      4.0     94.3

  • pthyaypthyay Posts: 141Member Member Posts: 141Member Member
  • instantmartianinstantmartian Posts: 335Member Member Posts: 335Member Member
    @kristinegift: I was so annoyed at being placed in the last corral for the Broad Street Run that I never even considered that I can ask to change my corral at the expo tomorrow. Oops! I will definitely be doing that. I'd even be happy with second to least there won't (read: shouldn't) be any walkers I'd have to run around in that one.

    @WhatMeRunning: Thank you, as well, for the advice. I will definitely ask to have my corral changed and arm myself with some recent race results. Also, your smoothie sounds intense! I may have to give it a try, though. I used to have a smoothie or fresh juice every day, and I have gotten way away from that. I love beets and blue berries, and while your smoothie is loaded with all sorts of healthy things, it sounds like it actually tastes pretty good! Thanks for sharing, and I might need to give the whole beet for running thing a try. I could use any speed help I can get!
  • kristinegiftkristinegift Posts: 2,406Member Member Posts: 2,406Member Member
    4/1: Rest day!
    4/2: 5 miles
    4/3: 13.1 Caesar Rodney HM!
    4/4: 3 miles with Joe to Go crew
    4/5: Rest day
    4/6: 10 miles (am), 6 miles (pm)
    4/7: 7 miles tempo (am), 6 miles with Thursday crew (pm)
    4/8: Rest day
    4/9: 22 miles << Last super long run for this training cycle!
    4/10: 10 miles
    4/11: 6 miles with Joe to Go crew
    4/12: Rest day!!!
    4/13: 10 miles @ marathon pace
    4/14: 8 miles (am), 6.4 miles with Thursday crew (pm)
    4/15: Rest day!!
    4/16: 10.75 miles + 6k (3.75 miles) race = 14.5 miles
    4/17: 7.1 miles
    4/18: 6 miles with Joe to Go crew
    4/19: Rest day!
    4/20: 8 miles
    4/21: 6.4 miles with Thursday crew
    4/22: Rest day!
    4/23: 6 miles
    4/24: 10 miles big group run
    4/25: 4 miles with Joe to Go crew
    4/26: Rest day
    4/27: 6 miles
    4/28: 6.4 miles
    4/29: Rest day!

    Only core work this morning, and it felt good! Hips feel aligned, legs and core feel strong... getting super pumped! Just one shakeout run tomorrow pre-expo and then RAAAACE! I know a bunch of other people have races on their agendas this weekend, so I hope we'll have lots of happy race reports Sat/Sun/Mon!


    Upcoming Races:
    3/12: Run O' The Mill 5K: New PR! 21:55
    4/3: Caesar Rodney HM: New PR! 1:40:13
    4/16: River Horse 6K (Ewing, NJ)
    5/1: New Jersey Marathon (Lots of towns, NJ)
    5/15: Princeton 5k << social event, not racing!
    6/11: Pacers Princeton Halfway Half (Princeton, NJ)
    7/4: a fourth of july race somewhere!
    11/20: Philadelphia Marathon (Philly, PA)

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  • MNLittleFinnMNLittleFinn Posts: 4,221Member Member Posts: 4,221Member Member
    4/1- Rest
    4/2- 6.23 miles
    4/3- 4.01 miles
    4/4- Rest
    4/5- 4.02 miles
    4/6- Rest
    4/7- 4.02 Miles
    4/8- Rest
    4/9- 6.24 Miles
    4/10- 4.01 Miles
    4/11- Rest
    4/12- 4.14 Miles
    4/13- 2.2 Miles (first Wednesday Run)
    4/14- 4.13 Miles
    4/15- Much needed Rest
    4/16- 8.2
    4/16- 1.4 <- Second little jog, with wife
    4/17- Rest <- made myself rest
    4/18- Rest <- Normal scheduled Rest day
    4/19- 4.1
    4/20- Rest<- Part of cut back/heal up
    4/21- 4.28 Miles
    4/22- 2.0<- Wife’s second run!
    4/23- 6.3
    4/24- Rest <- took a day after pushing on my 10K TT yesterday.
    4/27- 3
    4/28- 5.0
    4/29- Rest

    Totals: 77.44/60

    Going to get some core work in today and get some rest otherwise. I have this roving pain/ache on the top of my right foot. Sometimes it's behind my smaller toes, but mostly it's right behind my big toe. Never when I run, only when I walk around for my normal daily activities. Been there a couple days. Right calf is pretty tight too, so I'm wondering if there's more stress on my foot from the heel to toe walking motion.....
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  • mbaker566mbaker566 Posts: 9,411Member Member Posts: 9,411Member Member

    1-no run yet, maybe later
    6-yoga tonight
    8-late night tonight(ani difranco concert), so no run this morning
    12- slept in
    13-yoga (foam rolling-esque aerial yoga)
    16-my bacholette party-lots of dancing
    17-recovery from party.
    19-4.86mi hard one
    20-5.00mi and yoga
    22-2+ hours of aerial yoga
    23-1+ hour of aerial yoga
    25-nothing yet, maybe later
    26-5.15mi easy run. i want to work more on hills than speed. hills are coming in my half marathon.
    27-5.06mi technically it was an easy run but I couldn't catch my breath. more hills and yoga
    28-nothing. flare, body is on fire
    29-flarey, teaching yoga tonight


    Jan 16-Frosty 5k-33:43:123 (gun time-don't have chip time)
    Feb 13-Steve Cullen Run 8k chip time: 53:37
    Feb 15 Puppy Love Virtual Run 10k runkeeper time: 1:13:20
    Mar 12-Great Pi Run 5k 32:17
    May 7-Door County Half Marathon
    May 28-Top Gun Run 5k
    June 11-Rock n Sole 1/4 Marathon?
    June 19th through Sunday, July 10th SHE Power Virtual Half
    July 20-Cream Puff 5k?
    July 30-National Watermelon Day 5k?

  • lporter229lporter229 Posts: 4,804Member Member Posts: 4,804Member Member
    4/1-2.5 miles running with the puppy
    4/2-16 miles
    4/3- rest day
    4/4-4.5 miles
    4/5-6 miles w/ 3 @ tempo
    4/6-5.1 miles
    4/7-7 miles
    4/8 3.3 miles
    4/9 20 miles
    4/10 rest day
    4/11 yoga only
    4/12-8 miles
    4/13-3.3 miles
    4/14-5.4 miles
    4/15-5.1 miles
    4/16-6.5 miles
    4/17-16 miles
    4/18 yoga
    4/19-4.6 miles
    4/20-6 miles w/ 3 @ tempo
    4/21-2.5 miles running with the puppy
    4/22-5 miles +0.8 w/ puppy
    4/23-12 miles +1.5 w/ puppy
    4/24- rest day...lots of walking though!
    4/25-4.1 miles of hills
    4/26-3.0 easy miles
    4/27-rest day
    4/28-2.5 miles running with the puppy

    So the forecast for this weekend's marathon is rain, rain and more rain and maybe a little thunder and lightening thrown in there too. It's gonna be a good one. When I walked my dog this morning, we went through a lot of grass and my feet got pretty wet. In anticipation of Sunday's race, I decided it might be a good idea NOT to change my socks before work so that my feet could get used to the wet, miserable feeling. I am still trying to decide if this was brilliant race preparation or the stupidest idea ever! Have a good Friday everyone and good luck to those who are racing! I know it's the big one for you @kristinegift. I will be cheering you on from the puddles of Cincinnati!

    For the record, I am leaning towards "stupidest idea ever".

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  • WhatMeRunningWhatMeRunning Posts: 2,227Member Member Posts: 2,227Member Member
    6 more miles at a comfortable, easy effort to wrap up April. I have a rest day tomorrow ahead of Sunday's half. I can tell this week is an increased mileage week. I'm not fatigued or anything, but each run feels longer. Part of that could be due to them actually BEING longer. Who knows??

    Best wishes @kristinegift on your marathon this weekend, and to all others racing this weekend! For all of you not racing, I hope you have a great weekend, whether that be running or otherwise. Some of you (I won't name names) better not be running this weekend!!! :smiley:

    @instantmartian - The smoothie recipe is mostly from searching on smoothies with beets, and the consensus seemed to be that blueberries and raspberries were the best flavor pairing. I added the blackberries because they come with the berry blend I get my raspberries from. The resulting color is an amazingly deep red color (duh). The cherries were my idea and add an interesting twist. You may try it without the cherries first, then with them to see if it suits you or not because it did take the flavor in a new direction. The green stuff is in small enough amounts they add no flavor, just nutrition.

    4/1 - Rest
    4/2 - 14 miles
    4/3 - 5 miles
    4/4 - 5 miles
    4/5 - 5 miles
    4/6 - 8 miles
    4/7 - 5 miles
    4/8 - Rest
    4/9 - 13.1 miles
    4/10 - 5 miles
    4/11 - 5 miles
    4/12 - 5 miles
    4/13 - 8.3 miles
    4/14 - 5 miles
    4/15 - Rest
    4/16 - 13.3 miles
    4/17 - 5 miles
    4/18 - 4 miles
    4/19 - 4 miles
    4/20 - 4 miles
    4/21 - 4 miles
    4/22 - Rest
    4/23 - 13.1 miles (or 12.5???)
    4/24 - Rest
    4/25 - 6 miles
    4/26 - 6 miles
    4/27 - 10 miles
    4/28 - 6 miles
    4/29 - 6 miles

    164.8/160 miles


    Upcoming races:
    4/9 - Rock the Parkway half marathon (Kansas City, MO) 2:30:17.6 new PR
    4/16 - Garmin Wickedly Fast half marathon (Olathe, KS) 2:28:39.52 new PR
    4/23 - Heroes for Hope half marathon (North Kansas City, MO) 2:19:14 new PR
    5/1 - Buffalo Bell Stampede half marathon (Leavenworth, KS)
    5/14 - Running with the Cows half marathon (Bucyrus, KS)
    6/2 - Hospital Hill 5k 7pm PRE-RUN (Kansas City, MO)
    6/3 - Hospital Hill half marathon 7am RE-RUN (Kansas City, MO)
    9/25 - Broadway Bridge half marathon (Kansas City, MO)
    10/15 - Kansas City Marathon 26.2 (Kansas City, MO)
    11/5 - Jenks half marathon (Jenks, OK)
    11/6 - Kansas half marathon (Lawrence, KS)
    11/12 - Longview half marathon (Kansas City, MO)
    11/13 - Gobbler Grind half marathon (Overland Park, KS)
    11/19 - White River half marathon (Cotter, AR)
    11/20 - Pilgrim Pacer half marathon (Lenexa, KS)
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  • ariceroniariceroni Posts: 414Member Member Posts: 414Member Member
    4/01: Off, rest day
    4/02: 12 miles, long and easy
    4/03: 8K race - 36:36 (7:22 pace) - new PR! + 1 mile warm up
    4/04: 4 miles, easy
    4/05: 5 miles, easy
    4/06: 5 miles total, 2 miles @ 7:38 (LT) pace (am)
    4/06: 4 miles, easy (pm)
    4/07: 5 miles, easy
    4/08: Off, rest day
    4/09: Half Marathon - 1:53:11 - treated as a long run with strong finish
    4/10: 4 miles, easy
    4/11: 6 miles, easy
    4/12: 7 miles total, 3x1 mile repeats @ 7:19 pace
    4/13: 6 miles, easy (am)
    4/13: 4 miles, easy (pm)
    4/14: 8 miles total, 5 miles @ 7:45 (goal HM) pace
    4/15: Off, rest day
    4/16: 6 miles, easy
    4/17: 13 miles, long and easy
    4/18: 6 miles, easy
    4/19: 7 miles total, 3x1 mile repeats @ 5K effort
    4/20: 5 miles, easy (am)
    4/20: 4 miles, easy (pm)
    4/21: 6 miles, easy
    4/22: Off, rest day (+ core)
    4/23: 7 miles, easy
    4/24: 5K race - 23:05 + 2 miles warm up
    4/25: Off, letting my knee heal up + core/hip exercises
    4/26: Off + strength training
    4/27: Off + core/hip exercises
    4/28: 3 miles, easy
    4/29: 4 miles, easy + core/hip exercises
    Total: 155.82 miles

    An easy 4 miles today. My pace is back to where it was before my few days off, but I can definitely tell that I’ve lost some fitness because my HR was higher than normal for this pace. The good news though is that my knee felt fine; still some pain/soreness in my hamstring and hip but I don’t believe it is anything serious. I’m finally starting to feel like a runner again!

    Good luck to everyone racing this weekend! Especially @kristinegift , we are all rooting for you and that coveted BQ!


    Races I'm registered for:
    04/03 - Shamrock Shuffle (8K) 36:36 - new 8K PR!
    04/09 - Chi Town Half Marathon 1:53:11 - took it nice and easy
    04/24 - Ravenswood Run (5K) 23:05 - stupid knee
    05/22 - Chicago Spring 13.1
    05/28 - Soldier Field Run (10 miles)
    07/21 - Esprit de She 5K
    09/10 - Magnificent Mile Half Marathon
    09/25 - Chicago Lifetime 5K
    10/09 - Chicago Marathon
    10/30 - Hot Chocolate 5K
    11/27 - Space Coast Half Marathon
  • mrswhitehogmrswhitehog Posts: 657Member Member Posts: 657Member Member
    All i can say is this Challenge has many encouraging & inspiring runners. I hit my 5o + 5 miles for my April Challenge. Im still running 3 days a week and I'm ready to up the auntie next month. Im feeling stronger and have overcome beginners injurys....i say beginners because i didn't know any better being new to this sport. I look forward to May's Challenge.

    Run Happy!
  • Stoshew71Stoshew71 Posts: 6,592Member Member Posts: 6,592Member Member
    Elise4270 wrote: »
    @_nikkiwolf_ Happy birthday! Congratulations on the running related gift! Thats great!

    Happy Birthday @_nikkiwolf_
  • Stoshew71Stoshew71 Posts: 6,592Member Member Posts: 6,592Member Member
    OK all. A couple of days early, but I posted the May Challenge. Great to everyone that met their challenge (or close to it). Still have a couple of more days to meet it. And no worries if you won't make goal, you have May to try again.
  • kristinegiftkristinegift Posts: 2,406Member Member Posts: 2,406Member Member
    @lporter229, @WhatMeRunning & @ariceroni Thanks, all!! And for lporter and WhatMe, good luck at your races as well! :)
  • Stoshew71Stoshew71 Posts: 6,592Member Member Posts: 6,592Member Member
    @lporter229, @WhatMeRunning & @ariceroni Thanks, all!! And for lporter and WhatMe, good luck at your races as well! :)

    Kick butt this weekend @kristinegift at NJM. Good luck as well @lporter229 & @WhatMeRunning on your races as well (and anyone else racing).
  • WhatMeRunningWhatMeRunning Posts: 2,227Member Member Posts: 2,227Member Member
    I ordered new shoes!!

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  • MNLittleFinnMNLittleFinn Posts: 4,221Member Member Posts: 4,221Member Member
    I ordered new shoes!!


    Whatcha get this time? More Ghosts? I'm thinking about getting a 4th pair of shoes since I'm running 5 days a week now.
  • WhatMeRunningWhatMeRunning Posts: 2,227Member Member Posts: 2,227Member Member
    I ordered new shoes!!


    Whatcha get this time? More Ghosts? I'm thinking about getting a 4th pair of shoes since I'm running 5 days a week now.
    I picked up 2 pair actually. Another pair of Ghosts (to replace my dying Glycerin 12's) and a pair of Brooks Dyads. I wore some Dyads last year and liked them a lot but felt I liked the Glycerine just a little bit better so I stuck with the Glycerines from then on. Now I'll get to compare Glycerines, Ghosts and Dyads over the next few months. I don't think my feet could be any happier. Another reason I picked up the Dyads is that I have a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders that I am OK with but am not comfortable taking on long runs (they are super clompity-clompy). So the Dyad's can fill in a bit of a gap. My current rotation will be:

    2 pair Glycerine 13's
    2 pair Ghost 8's
    1 pair Dyad 8's
    1 pair Mizuno Wave Riders
    1 pair Hoka Challenger (these are my dedicated trail shoe currently)

    Since I am training 6 days/week and have 6 pairs of road shoes, I will obviously have to buy another pair to make sure I am alternating shoes each day from week to week. That was another reason I got the Dyads. :naughty: I have a $20 off coupon at my local shoe shop so I am picking up a 3rd pair of Glycerines probably this weekend so I can rotate through 7 pair.

    Yeah, I might have a running problem.
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  • kristinegiftkristinegift Posts: 2,406Member Member Posts: 2,406Member Member
    @Stoshew71 Thanks!! I'll dedicate a mile to you and @skippygirlsmom since you love the shore so much :)

    @WhatMeRunning Yay new shoes!! I bought some NB Zantes last weekend from Running Warehouse because 1) they're pretty and 2) they were on sale for $55. But I can't try them out til after the marathon. So now they're just sitting with my other shoes, taunting me. Boooo.
  • MNLittleFinnMNLittleFinn Posts: 4,221Member Member Posts: 4,221Member Member
    @WhatMeRunning I've been really tempted to get a pair of Neuros, just to see how they go for faster shows.
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