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Things I've done on company time (PG rated!!)



  • ClubSilencioClubSilencio Member Posts: 2,997 Member Member Posts: 2,997 Member
    Used MS Paint + printer to make flyers for a rave

    Sent out emails to random women in other departments asking them if they liked my outfit for that day

    Wrapped my head with gauze from the first aid kit and started calling everyone by the wrong name so I could get sent home and watch the World Cup

    Sat Indian style underneath my cubicle and practiced guitar

    Made a wall with Red Bull cans

  • backontheattackbackontheattack Member Posts: 3,470 Member Member Posts: 3,470 Member
    Skyped for two hours lol
  • proudsealproudseal Member Posts: 88 Member Member Posts: 88 Member
    Stared into space for several minutes. Was waiting for someone to notice, but no one did.
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