Your first Tattoo's & the story behind it



  • 4 leaf clover and and a horseshoe (i think you can see it in my pic)

    i was 17 years old and wanted a tattoo more than anything. my parents agreed but it had to be something they approved of. im irish af, so i stumbled upon this image and they liked it enough so i waited 10 hrs in the tattoo shop and finally left there at 11pm with my first tattoo
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    My first tattoo was at age 41. (2 years ago) It is a full back piece of Saint Michael the Archangel standing over a defeated Devil with a sword. (It is not finished as I fired my artist, but it will be when I find one I like) I worked as a Police Officer for 17 years and retired without any serious injuries or having to take a life. Saint Michael is the patron Saint of Military and Police. For me personally, I know there are at least a couple of times that I should have either died or been seriously injured and I never even received a scratch. This is my tribute to the triumph of good over evil and on a more personal note, a thank you.


    Still not finished, but I did get a pic for you all.
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    My hip and side (which extends onto my back) was my first tattoo,

    I was 18 and had experienced 3 years of homelessness and other assorted chaos.

    I saw a doco about symbiotic bacteria and parasites that live in the skin but help the host and neither can survive without the other. That's kind of what they are.

    Well, that's all a bit personal.

    ETA: circa 1999
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    My first tattoo. On my thigh, I got it this last summer. I have been obsessed with skulls and butterflies since I was little and I loved the design of them together. The two little butterflies are for my kids are in their favorite colors. I liked the idea of it all coming together and making an abstract type skull
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    Truly amazing stories behind those tattoos and stunning creativity. Let the stories keep flowing !
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    Got this back in 2011 after my divorce from my ex husband. I thought the tattoo would hurt which is why I got it so small. 4 much bigger tattoos later and I am wondering why did i get it that small to begin with.
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    I got a Semi Colon on my left wrist. When someone is writing a sentence and decide the sentence is over, they put a period to mark the end. But lets say the writer decided to continue their sentence, they turn that period into a semi colon and continue writing.

    For people with suicidal ideation, this semi colon is symbolic of making the decision to continue with their life rather than ending it. My tattoo is a constant reminder of why I want my sentence to continue.
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    I was barely 18 and it was the mid nineties. At the time I had very few friends with tattoos & very little money. Two of my girlfriends invited me to come along when they got tattoos, so I just picked some flash I liked and got it. It was a very beetle-y looking, larger ladybug on my inner left ankle and I still like it after 25 years. My friends hate the tattoos they got that same day (a dolphin and a cross).
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    My ex wanted a tattoo but didn't want to go alone. He also was distrustful and constantly accusing me of having an affair, so he wanted me to get a permanent wedding ring. Me, still being caught in the cycle of abuse, would do anything to prove my loyalty to him. So my first tattoo is a obsolete wedding band. I want to modify it.

    My second tattoo I still love. It is my boys names woven into forget-me-not flowers (in memory of my grandmother) on my foot (my kids keep me on my toes and running around all day)
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    Boo... I can't show you my first tattoo as it is on my back and there's no easy way for me to take a photo of it. I can, however, show you the sketch the artist did before he put it on my back and did color work.


    The concept is based off of a drawing of mine in relation to one of my favorite musical artists. There are lyrics that accompany it (above and below the image). Each part of this image, fox, flowers, centipede, skull, is representative of something, right down to the fox's eye color (which is green).

    The lyrics go: "It's not for you to know, but for you to weep and wonder when the death of your civilization precedes you"
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    I received my first tattoo at age 18 ~ a tribal that really spoke to me. Years passed before I had my large Phoenix put on my back and others that mean a lot to me. I’d love a panther possibly on me too... such beauty and meaning. ... but the first is always a game changer.
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    Love the stories. Don't have one yet but trying to decide what to get for my first.
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    I am getting my first wedding band tattoo modified on the 16th Feb. I'm selling off my engagement ring and other jewelry my ex gave me to pay for it
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    Compass. It was my goal reward at losing 60lbs. It represents both my love for getting off the beaten path outdoors and finding new direction in life.