Can you remember the last game you actually finished?



  • Slimithy
    Slimithy Posts: 348 Member
    GTA V for the 3rd time.
  • Teweeesa
    Teweeesa Posts: 7 Member
    Divine Divinity. It took me 10 YEARS! Computers died, hard drives wiped, save games disappeared. It was a saga. But I did it.
  • Naruya8
    Naruya8 Posts: 48 Member
    The Witcher 3 for me. I've had it since a couple of months after release but since the game needs so much time, I left it laying around for over a year because I could never find the time to just sit down and play for a few hours. When I finally did pick it up again, I got hooked and finished it within a few weeks, DLC included. Loved that game!
  • janekana
    janekana Posts: 151 Member
    edited September 2016
    Finished the Witcher 3 in a week because we were only borrowing my friend's PS4 over the break. It was such an amazing game, reminiscent of Skyrim, though unfortunately I didn't have the expansion packs. I am so proud of myself for being able to finish it in such a short time (and also finding time to exercise during that week too!)
  • theycallmearth
    theycallmearth Posts: 196 Member
    If you count MMOs, then Guild Wars 2. I've completed the expansion story and all the current living story. If not, GTA V
  • rowlandsw
    rowlandsw Posts: 1,166 Member
    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I'm not counting the nuka world DLC for Fallout 4 as the damned thing has a glitch in the trophies and i can't get the last one to have 100 percent of the trophies in the game.
  • Troutsy
    Troutsy Posts: 275 Member
    Main story only was Tomb Raider Definitive edition. 100% completion of achievements was The walking Dead season 2
  • d0gma
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    I've actually started keeping track of that recently. The last game I finished was Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and that was on Sept 19.
    I've been playing Mario Kart 7 since then. I've already beaten it, but there's one last kart to unlock and you have to get 20,000 coins to do so, and I've been working on getting that done.
  • CDXJade
    CDXJade Posts: 19 Member
    Last 'proper' game I finished was Resident Evil/ Biohazard HD remaster on steam. Before that Witcher 3 on GOG. Before that Divinity Original Sin.

    I don't finish many big games, and have that all too common problem of quiting about 1/3 in if it's dragging. Looking at my steam profile, about 10 hours ditched on games like: Dishonoured, BioShock Infinite, Dead Island.

    To combat this I've recently taken to playing shorter indie games. I got 'Distraint' in the halloween sale for less than £1, really enjoyed it and just 2-3 hours to complete. Before that, Brothers, A Tale of Two Sons (3-4 hours). These kind of games can be done in one sitting and then put away, feels like playing an interactive movie.
  • CDXJade
    CDXJade Posts: 19 Member
    Teweeesa wrote: »
    Divine Divinity. It took me 10 YEARS! Computers died, hard drives wiped, save games disappeared. It was a saga. But I did it.

    Oh my god, I have Divine Divinity on gog, but found it was running really poorly and the animations were choppy (even though my machine could easily handle original sin no problem). A real shame because I LOVE Larian Studios, such a good developer. I might look into getting the steam version if it is more stable.
  • xDesertxRatx
    xDesertxRatx Posts: 80 Member
    Actually finished Far Cry 4. Loved that game.