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How Making CHOICES Has Helped Me Lose Over 80 pounds.



  • debtay123
    debtay123 Posts: 1,327 Member
    Fabulous!11 we all needed this inspiration!!!
  • kcs121
    kcs121 Posts: 14 Member
    This. Is. Awesome! and so relateable. I vote for a sticky!
  • Styggian
    Styggian Posts: 465 Member
    great story, good inspiration with solid advice
  • MDL1418
    MDL1418 Posts: 50 Member
    Awesome! Thank you for sharing your story, that’s amazing!
  • LeiLaura
    LeiLaura Posts: 238 Member
    And there are no “miracle” foods, no miracle diets.
    There is only food--what you decide to eat and how much you decide to eat of it.

    You can just be “okay” that you struggle with food. Why you struggle doesn’t matter so much. Change your behavior and the rest will follow.

    Today, you can make a great choice. You can choose to show up. And tomorrow, you can decide to show up again. And again. Pretty soon you’ll have a whole string of days where you decided to show up. To pay attention. To make choices. And good things will happen.

    Some of the wisest words I've ever read on losing weight.
  • joone_9
    joone_9 Posts: 152 Member
    Wow...great post...I think everyone should read this and I will surely come back to re-read when I need to as a reminder to just don’t give up on being happy and healthy!
  • tiriks1984
    tiriks1984 Posts: 10 Member
    I cannot love this enough, so well spoken and real. Thank you so much for posting your thoughts, it will really help me x
  • jaxnjosh
    jaxnjosh Posts: 50 Member
    This is wonderful thank you for posting
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