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1300 calories and no weight loss in 10 days what am idoing wrong



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    sxkett wrote: »
    ---This thread pretty much has it all. Only thing missing is the "you are working out now and muscle weighs more than fat" argument.---

    Oh, I thought we covered that!

    When you work out, your fat cells go into a Metamorphosis Phase and then they turn into muscle cells, which weigh 27% more. But as a woman, you have to be careful---it's very easy for women to accidentally go from a 'curvy' to a 'bodybuilder' physique. It's probably best if women don't even stand close to the free weights.

    It's difficult for women to attain a "Body Builder's Physique." Ask any woman who competes in the Body Building World what she has to go through to gain all that extra muscle.
    It involves eating "Clean" as well as eating much more protein than in a normal diet. There's also the HOURS spent in the Gym every single day targeting specific muscle groups in an effort to sculpt their physiques.
    Please stop spreading "Old Wives Tales" that scare women away from going to the gym.
    Strength Training is an important part of any well rounded Fitness Plan for both Men and Women.

    I'm pretty sure @TheLegendaryBrandonHarris was being sarcastic.

    Also, the last post in this thread was from 2016.
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    I wonder how the OP is doing. She actually took people's advice. :)
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