May-June Weight Loss Challenge!



  • Pattie7681
    Pattie7681 Posts: 9 Member
    Start weight (May 1st): 148
    Goal weight (June 5th): 143

    May 1st: 148
    May 8th: 147
    May 15th: 146
    May 22nd:146
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: decrease carbs, drink more water
  • hnahae
    hnahae Posts: 38 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 146
    Goal Weight (June 5th):137


    May 1st:146
    May 8th:144.4
    May 15th:143.7
    May 22nd:147.6
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    So I've sadly made some inverse progress this past week and it doesn't help that it's TOM. I figure if I end the challenge at 140 I'll still be quite pleased.

  • spiffytiff17
    spiffytiff17 Posts: 32 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 285.5
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 275


    May 1st: 285.5
    May 8th: 281.8
    May 15th: 283.5
    May 22nd: 282.2
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: I have been doing well with being active most days and getting plenty of water. Need to continue working on smaller portions and less unhealthy snacking
  • MrsUptonOgood
    MrsUptonOgood Posts: 1,897 Member
    Start weight (May 1st). 145.2
    Goal weight (June 5th). 139

    Weigh ins:

    May 1st: 145.2
    May 8th: 143.8
    May 15th:142.6
    May 22nd: 141.4
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health goals: To be able to jog for more than 2 minutes at a time on the treadmill.

    Start weight (May1st) 145.2
    Goal weight (June 5th) 139

    Weigh ins
    May 1st 145.2
    May 8th 143.8
    May 15th 142.6
    May 22nd 141.4
    May 29th
    June 5th

    Fitness goals: Now that I can jog for more than 2 minuets at a time, let's shoot for a mile :)
  • karen615lp
    karen615lp Posts: 18 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 156.2
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 145


    May 1st: 156.2
    May 8th: 154
    May 15th: 153.4
    May 22nd:151.6
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Down 4.6 so far

    Fitness/Health Goals: My goal for the next 5-6 weeks is to lose 10 pounds...I will post my weight on May 1st.

    Thanks to all who create and continue to support everyone here on Fitness Pal and anywhere!!!!!!
  • TheBlizz35
    TheBlizz35 Posts: 142 Member
    edited May 2016
    Starting weight: 188
    Goal weight for this challenge: 178

    May 1st: 188
    May 8th: 186
    May 15th: 184.5
    May 22nd: 182
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/health goal: walk an hour at least 3x a week and ultimately get to 138 lbs.

    Down 6 lbs so far and on target to hit this challenge's goal. Thanks for all the motivation!
  • KareninLux
    KareninLux Posts: 1,413 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 156.4
    Goal Weight (June 5th):150

    May 1st: 156.4
    May 8th: 155.8
    May 15th: 154.8
    May 22nd: 153.4
    May 29th:
    June 5th

    Killer hiking this weekend - lots of calories out!!

    Gotta keep up the trend next week!
  • haoshencai
    haoshencai Posts: 96 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 121-Goal Weight (June 5th): 117; Weigh-Ins

    May 1st: 121; 27.5 waist
    May 8th: 120.5; 27.5-1/8 (27.375) waist
    May 15th: 119; 27.5-1/4 (27.25) waist
    May 22nd 119.5; 27 waist
  • 1971_BeckyCM
    1971_BeckyCM Posts: 13 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 148.4
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 143.4


    May 1st:148.4
    May 8th:148.4
    May 15th:146.6
    May 22nd:146.5
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: Continue Workout 3 times a week and continue C25k 3 times a week. Continue no alcohol and add no soda.

    I was down a half pound then popped up a bit yesterday with same weight today. I have had soda everyday the last four days or so. This is my biggest hurdle right now as I'm really trying to cut it out. I know I don't see weight loss easily at all when I have it. I am 3 months no alcohol now, clear to me I've lost what I'm going to just from no drinking anymore so need to really step it up.

    Workouts haven't been so consistent either. Maybe may was a bad month for a challenge with all the stress but I wanted to stay as focused as possible and not just let go.

    Our house is ready to close the 31st and we still need a place to live. Hopefully we find one this week, tomorrow will be the one year mark of my dads cancer diagnosis which he past from a month later, will be nice to get May over with.
  • GW4321
    GW4321 Posts: 523 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 274
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 261


    May 1st: 274
    May 8th: 272
    May 15th:269
    May 22nd:266
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: Continue strength training at least 4 days per week, in addition to completing some form of cardio every day during this challenge.

    Update for this week: I worked out 5 times this week and walked every day. My diet slightly improved compared to last week, so it was a good week and the numbers continue to reflect my hard work. My goal weight for this challenge is still attainable.

    Good job everyone!
  • Sis359
    Sis359 Posts: 26 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 204
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 195


    May 1st: 204
    May 8th: 201
    May 15th: 199.8
    May 22nd: 197
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

  • pinkheart32
    pinkheart32 Posts: 11 Member
    I would love to join too! It will keep me on track.

    Start Weight (May 1st): 139.5
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 132


    May 1st: 139.5
    May 8th: 138.5
    May 15th:
    May 22nd:
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals:
    I want to keep tracking and stay within my calorie goal. I love to workout, so that isn't a chore for me.

    Hi pinkheart32,
    Could you please share how you got to the point of loving to workout. I am hoping to feel that way too, so as you said working out will not be a chore?

    Hi. I would say do activities that you enjoy and take a note of how great you feel afterwards. I hate the gym because it is boring. If you don't love working out, turn it into a social thing. I like to hike so I do it with a friend who challenges me. A little competition with a friend isn't bad either. If none of these work, just do fast workouts. I do 30 min workouts 6-7 days a week. I do them at home so they are really quick to do in the am and I get on with my day.
  • pinkheart32
    pinkheart32 Posts: 11 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 139.5
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 132


    May 1st: 139.5
    May 8th: 138.5
    May 15th: 138.5
    May 22nd: 138.5
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals:
    Last week - I didn't cut carbs but I stayed within my calories for 6 days. (I splurged for a special occasion.) I'm very bummed that scale has not moved. Drank lots of water too.

    This week - I guess carb counting will definitely be tracked this week. Trying out new workout routine too.

    Any tip suggestions are welcomed.
  • basil53
    basil53 Posts: 9 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 268
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 256


    May 1st: 268
    May 8th: 262
    May 15th: 262
    May 22nd: 260
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: Drink 2 liters of water a day

    Well, this week was a little better. I drank my water and lost 2 pounds.
  • icecreampnt
    icecreampnt Posts: 31 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 270 lbs
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 249 lbs


    May 1st: 270 lbs
    May 8th: 267 lbs
    May 15th: 260 lbs
    May 22nd: 258 lbs- doing great. Lost 12 on this challenge.
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: To run 3 miles everyday. Lift weights 3 days a week. Not eat fried foods, junk food or drink alcohol.
  • Cheriels82
    Cheriels82 Posts: 363 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st):128.6
    Goal Weight (June 5th):125
    Ultimate goal weight: 120


    May 1st: 128.6
    May 8th:129.3
    May 15th:130.1
    May 22nd:130.2
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals:
    -to shed that last layer of fat around my midsection
    -Up the weights on resistance days.
    -decrease coffee (and subsequently chocolate )intake. Not sure I am committed to this one yet....lattes are a great source of protein right ?
    -get all my water on days I am not at home
  • mamacita99
    mamacita99 Posts: 66 Member
    Belly flat team
    Start weight - 235.2
    Goal weight - 225


    May 1st: 235.2
    May 8th: 231.4
    May 15th: 230
    May 22nd:228.3
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    Fitness/Health Goals: Walk 11,000 steps per day. Do strength training 3x week.
  • michy84
    michy84 Posts: 342 Member
    michy84 wrote: »
    Start weight (May 1): 135.5
    Goal weight (June 5): 126

    May 1: 135.5
    May 8: 132.5
    May 15: 133
    May 22:
    May 29:
    June 5:

    Workouts this week: 4
    Goal was 5.

  • michy84
    michy84 Posts: 342 Member
    Start weight (May 1)= 135.5
    Goal weight (June 5)= 126

    May 1: 135.5
    May 8: 132.5
    May 15: 133
    May 22: 135
    May 29:
    June 5:

    Almost didn't post here today because I am so ashamed I have gone up again this week! I am going to stay positive because otherwise nothing gets done. At least I am less today by something than my start weight. I will have a good weigh in next time!
  • ebonibabe1
    ebonibabe1 Posts: 108 Member
    Start Weight (May 1st): 134.4 lbs
    Goal Weight (June 5th): 124 lbs


    May 1st: 134.4
    May 8th:133.4
    May 15th: 133.4
    May 22nd: 130.8
    May 29th:
    June 5th:

    I was a little disappointed last week when I didn't lose anything, but I look better and my clothes are fitting better, so something is happening