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    Hi I have been deep into the LCHF literature and now the Newcastle University study regarding the amazing results they had reversing diabetes. I also note that the group were awarded a massive grant ever given to follow up with further research. It all seems sound as a pound,. What I can't seem to see is loads of prediabetic and diabetics type 2 taking the eight week 800 cal program and reporting on the success or otherwise. Is this because MFP is so rigid that it won't let us discuss promising new research. It is quite clear to me that the guidelines on nutrition that we have all followed for the last 4 decades has so spectacularly failed us that it is time to open up the discussion and recognise that old mantras of 1200 Cal's just don't add up.

    Sorry for the late reply - there's been some discussion lately of the Blood Sugar Solution and other very low calorie diet plans to combat Type 2 Diabetes. Despite clear evidence that the Newcastle approach is a serious, science-based approach to T2D, it does appear that, yes, the MFP goalie considers it to be health-endangering and unproven and has, therefore, closed at least some discussions on the topic.

    GP's here in Newcastle are fully aware of the great results from the study and do apply them in practice,with regular monitoring.
    In my pre mfp days,docs at my gp diabetic surgery prescribed a 1000 cal a day programme that included a meal replacement protein shake.
    I lost over 20% of bodyweight,and reversed a full blown t2 condition into what the GP calls a diet controlled only pre-diabetic state.
    I also took part in a weight mai ntenance study at Newcastle university to monitor behaviours of those who had lost 5% + of bodyweight over a 12 month period,and lost another 10% in that period,combined with mfp and taking up running.
    In total i reduced from 125kg to a low of 70kg,
    Maintaining now at around 88kg(not running due to awaiting tendon surgery).
    Just had my annual check up,and still t2 clear and now only needing annual checks.
    It is possible to hugely reduce t2 diabetic effects thru diet and exercise,and become med free.
    Happy to answer any queries.

    Nice work!

    Since you asked.... how many (net) carbs did you consume during the 1000-cal protocol, and how many do you eat now? Were you on meds before? How about your lipids and blood pressure?