Economical Chia Seeds?



  • ImWithHer
    ImWithHer Posts: 19 Member
    Try Latino markets. You can usually get the pouches that are hanging up for super cheap.
  • bellabonbons
    bellabonbons Posts: 705 Member
    I love chia seeds. Check different places. You can find them affordable. I add them to my protein shakes and also Chia pudding is awesome.
  • courtneyroyale
    courtneyroyale Posts: 9 Member
    I think they're somewhere around $8 at Trader Joe's.
  • mathandcats
    mathandcats Posts: 786 Member
    12oz is $5 at my Trader Joe's.
  • newheavensearth
    newheavensearth Posts: 870 Member
    Got mine from Aldis. About $3 to $4ish for a bag. I don't use it often so it stretches.