stupid idea: long distance hike?



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    Have fun. Extra socks and foot care stuff. BodyGlide or something similar.
    Won't know until you try.

    Report back and enjoy it!

    ^^^^ This x 1000. For long distance hikes (or forced marches as we used to call them) you should be wearing boots that fit perfectly (try on every pair in the shop if you have to) and good old grey wool socks (even with all the tech fabric nothing beats wool for socks) and you should be changing your socks at least a couple of time a day, your feet will thank you.
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    While not exactly the same thing, I did the 3-day walk for Breast Cancer in San Diego. Each day was like18 miles walking or so. We camped each night in glorious pink tents :)

    Anyhoo, it was not the walking so much as the blisters and other things that happen when you do a repeat endurance type of thing. Both my feet were blisters on top of blisters, even with special socks, lube, moleskins, etc. I prepped as they recommended during training (even let callouses build up- not my prettiest summer feet ;) ) but still had issues. As mentioned above, change socks, keep your feet dry, make sure your shoes don't rub ANYWHERE. lol A few others in my group had minimal issues, mine seemed to be the worst for some reason.

    Yours won't be as chaotic as thousands of people walking along together, mostly festooned in pink. Should be a lovely, peaceful adventure!!
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    In a word, or two...BABY WIPES!!:)LOL. On the move like that it's a huge luxury item!!!

    I wouldn't say it'd be an easy undertaking but totally doable! The biggest problem is the logistics...i.e. food, water, cloths, tent, defensive item (s), navigational items, etc. And all that is based on the number of days you'll be out of civilization. Unless you know how to survive off the land then a lot of supplies don't matter. Water is essential. Can't go far without it. Food is important but the body can go longer without food vs water.

    I do a yearly 28 miler for charity in the desert and am training for a 24-48 (haven't decided which course) mile combat/survival course at and above 8000 ft elevation with 65-85lb pack.

    Military folks could tell you a lot about being out on the move like that.
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    DTrain351 wrote: »
    Military folks could tell you a lot about being out on the move like that.

    About what? Extended pub lunch tours? I don't remember it being like that at all.
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    I managed 20 to 30 miles a day, with hills, a backpack, carrying my own food, clothing and sleeping gear, at 8000+ of altitude, as an 11 year old. You're the expert on you - I certainly wouldn't discourage it, based on your fitness. It sounds really fun!
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    Well, my foot finally seems to be mostly fine again. I only did a 10k walk just now and finished it in 93 minutes without feeling tired and with more terrain than the higher terrain beginning of the walk I'd love to do has. It drizzled all the time and I got thoroughly soaked. Good socks: yea. I ordered some last week and they should have arrived by now. Wet cotton socks are not the best choice indeed.
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    I am a long distance hiker and I am good at it. I wouldn't try that. I am comfy at 15 miles per day with 40-50 pounds of gear. Good luck to you though.
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    Thanks a lot! I thought about using my running shoes. They are comfy and I know them. Weather... Well this is the UK but the weather has been marvellous the last few months. I can still decide to cancel a few days ahead if the forecast is not good though. Water: yeah... I'm very much a hot weather girl and don't mind being active at close to 50C (that's over 120F?) or go on a day long hike at way over 30 C. But water is a given. And I'll check out those towns for thai massage salons for a relaxing oil massage.

    Nooo my advice would be to avoid the running shoes.

    I did a 15 mile hike last summer and wore my runners, thinking "it's flat, it will be fine"... NOPE. Miserable, 5-6 blisters, blood, could barely finish. I would get some good solid hiking boots with ankle support, and break them in before you go.

    I only hike in running shoes. Ankle support is a myth.

    It depends very much on the terrain and the load. Given what's described in terms of load, and looking up the route, hybrid trail shoes should be fine.

    Carrying a proper patrol pack and a full loadout in bad weather boots would be a significant benefit.
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    Military folks could tell you a lot about being out on the move like that.

    About what? Extended pub lunch tours? I don't remember it being like that at all.

    You musta been in the chair force...air farce...oh you know what I mean:)