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  • madisonlgb
    madisonlgb Posts: 1 Member
    Hi my name is Madison and I am 15 years old. I wanted to turn my life around and loose thirty pounds. I have a really hard time not stopping myself from eating junk food. I do not do anything with moderation. So I decided to join my fitness pal. This is my first day trying it.
  • heybales
    heybales Posts: 18,843 Member
    Use the tool as designed, select 1 lb weekly loss until you get to 15 lbs left, then change to 1/2 lb weekly.

    Log your foods accurately and honestly, by weight is best for accuracy.

    Pick activity level honestly - Sedentary is a bump on a log 7 days a week, less than 4K steps daily.
    Most people even with a desk job discover they are lightly-active when you throw in the weekend level and evening household activities.

    And then log any specific workouts done honestly for time and intensity if there are choices.

    Then eat the stated goal.

    MFP is trying to teach a life lesson best to learn early.
    You do more you eat more.
    You do less you eat less (that's the kicker one).

    In a diet a tad less in either case.
  • Antovina
    Antovina Posts: 1 Member
    Hi! I joined this group because the weight I previously lost is creeping back on. I need help!
  • heybales
    heybales Posts: 18,843 Member
    Antovina wrote: »
    Hi! I joined this group because the weight I previously lost is creeping back on. I need help!

    Read the post right before yours for the basics of what needs to occur then.

    The method is merely trying to be reasonable and sustainable with it.

    At this point, you merely need to eat a little less daily, and move a little more daily. About 250 calories for each thing.
  • shcgiebs
    shcgiebs Posts: 41 Member
    Hi! I'm Mary. Goal is to lose 60 pounds, but putting it down in 20 pound increments. Many health issues. Finally found a doctor who I believe is on the right track. Long story, details later. Glad to be here and thankful for your support.
  • Hi Thomas here,
    I'm hoping to lose some weight and hopefully pick up some useful dietary tips from this forum!! :)
  • fionaschipke
    fionaschipke Posts: 5 Member
    Hi Thomas, what sort of dietary tips would you like? It may be best to start a thread asking a specific question/s? Or if you are interested, there is a lot of great information over on the web page in the blogs.
  • itslarrah
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    hi, my name is Lara im from lebanon and im 17 years old with 193.8 lbs , i am dedicated to lose 50 pounds but i lack of motivation thats why i joined this community
  • fionaschipke
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    Hi Lara, great you are here. A positive start may be working out what you need to eat to maintain. Have you worked out the amount of calories your body needs in order to maintain? Also it is good to get best combination of macros (protein, fat and carbohydrates) for you. It is especially important to have the recommended protein. This is a really great calculator.

    Have you started logging what you eat on this site?

    It is especially important to eat enough and not try to lose fat too fast. I did this when I was young and it was very damaging - I would go a few days eating not much at all and then I would be so starving and tired that I would overeat a lot of food for a few days and gaining more weight. It is much faster in the long run to lose weight slowly .
  • aWildFlowere
    aWildFlowere Posts: 75 Member
    Body transformation process so far is 2yrs. I am 6'2" and 211lbs currently but luckily have a nice hourglass shape (yes I played basketball and used to model/pageant;)

    Diet is my biggest challenge as I grew up on and cook comfort food. I do have a few oral allergies and texture sensitivities but I am working on the latter. I am trying to introduce fruits n veggies into my diet and reduce most of the processed food. I have eliminated 98% of all deep fried foods unless a 1x quarterly treat. My weakness is chips with or without dip, dark chocolate, warm breads with butter, Italian food, American food, cake, banana chocolate chip muffins, brownies and those darn good Cheez-it Grooves White Cheddar crackers.

    I do eat beef Jerky, cashews, almonds, very select greek yogurt, GNC Banana Lean Shakes and the awesome FitCrunch bars by ripped celebrity chef Robert Irvine so I am making changes. I have a special drawstring gym bag with a separate area that serves as a cooler/lunchbox with particular ice packs for cold items to get appropriate protein, carbs n calories after 1-1.5hrs of training.

    I finally started tackling my diet so only have lost 20-25lbs but I have gained a lot of muscle mass and test out above average muscle for my age. I want as close to a rock hard body @50 this year. Fitness for life as I never want to start over and redo this difficult journey. I want to reach my final muscle mass goals in 2-3years.

    I never want to atrophy like my mom and most of the pre-baby boomer era folks who thought retirement was meant to relax and eat whatever often as social activities seem to always come with a snack or dessert. I want to stave off as much of the usual balance, strength & endurance issues that come with aging. I saw the statics at the doctors office and they were frightening!

    I am working toward collegiate athlete level muscle mass. I had been training Olympic duration/intensity for 1.5 mo @ 4-5hrs per day 6-7dpw but burned out as not ready for that so I have had to step it back.

    I hired a sports nutritionist at the Vikings NFL training campus. I also hired a personal trainer @ the gym I workout at to create a focused core & leg muscle building program beyond the functional but very difficult for me PT am doing as simultaneously rehabbing from spinal fusion in April and knee replacement in Sept. one year recovery for each. Ugh.

    Don't let the above fool ya as I rock the gym & the pool. I Workout 2-3hrs 6dpw but trying to reduce that to 1.5-2hrs per day. I lift upper body 3-4x per week by body areas but legs are 2-3x a week. All using free weights, Matrix functional cable and M5 lift equipment, Smith machine, Dip Assist Machine, Leg press, glute kickback & Leg Ext machines, plus TRX so far. I do various routines including lift HiiT & Tabata sessions. I do 2-3x week recumbent cardio for 50-60min burning 1000 calories and alternate it with pool PT and lap swimming but no freestyle (yet) or butterfly. I like water aerobics and did them for years but haven't done them in a year but a few times.

    Bummer: Lost my buff boyfriend trainer/workout partner of almost 2yrs also to woman in training to be a bodybuilder. Go figure. Ugh.

    I am looking for very fitness minded, positive friends here including those who are doing/succeeded total body transformation (lose 40+ pounds). I want to lose 45 more within the year. I am worried how my skin n boobs are starting to sag and might need to consider a mommy makeover $30k next year. Yikes and that doesn't include a thigh lift! If you meal plan great...I need to start and I have started a Pinterest board for such if you want to follow each other there and share recipes as well as here.

    I will be empty nesting & moving this summer and more so lots of change. I will have a son leaving for the Marines so any Military folks or parents please friend me:)
  • jpatenaude15
    jpatenaude15 Posts: 10 Member
    Hi, my name is Joanne. I"m new here and trying to change my outlook on life with a new healthy eating regimen. I hope to lose 30-40 pounds!
  • michelle44312
    michelle44312 Posts: 1 Member
    HI I'm Michelle, I am new to MFP and to this group.. I weigh in at 184 use to weigh 125 and would love to get back down to that weight.Found as I am getting older the harder it is to lose weight. I am 48, Have a big sweet tooth and find it hard to get motivated to do anything any more.
  • qslowe
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    Hello I am from Crystal Springs, Mississippi and I have over a 100 lbs to lose. I would love to have some support friends, so please friend me.
  • Preetishal
    Preetishal Posts: 6 Member
    Hello, my name is Emily and I am from Kenya. I am si glad I joined this group. I would like more ideas on how to lose weight and I also want to make new friends.😊
  • GlennStuartEust
    GlennStuartEust Posts: 8 Member
    Hi, I joined this group to learn how to maximise the correct way to eat and healthy options for snacks and meals. Friend me if you'd like and i can be taught or we can learn together!!
  • mrsgrow3
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    Hi! I currently weigh 156 pounds and I would like to drop about 10-15. I was on a really good path with diet and exercise and sadly had to have rotator cuff surgery about 5 months ago. Since then, it has been a struggle to shed much weight. I am happy to join the group and can't wait meet ya'll!
  • flexation
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    Just an introduction....Hi everyone, very fitness minded 47 year old guy here. Hope everyone is having a good and fit day. About 65 lbs to go to hit my "goal" weight but I am def no longer a slave to the scale. thanks for listening everyone!
  • marywelsh30
    marywelsh30 Posts: 19 Member
    So Ive e lost 7 lbs in the last two weeks using the Target 100 principals. I really hope this trend continues.
  • Fitness_Zero
    Fitness_Zero Posts: 5 Member
    Hello - I am wondering how to even get started again with fitness. I had some life changes the past couple of years and completely fell off the fitness wagon. I have gained back everything I a few extra pounds. Originally, when I started my journey in 2014, I started at 141 lbs - and at that time in my life that was the heaviest I had ever been. I lost the weight via weight lifting and macros and was very happy when the weight fell off and I reached 125 lbs. It saddens me that I let life get in the way of my goals. I was so happy with my progress and my results. Now, I look in the mirror and see a woman I never wanted to be. Not only do I want to lose the weight I've gained back - I really need to for my health. I'm in my 40's now and just thinking of fitness - I feel overwhelmed. I don't even know how I got started the first time. I did have a support system the first time through. A friend who helped me figure out macros, family that helped buy healthier food and didn't crowd the cupboards with junk food. I suppose I am seeking like minded individuals for encouragement and some level of motivation. Though I know discipline is what will get me there in the long run. Anyway, any tips/encouragement is always accepted. Thanks!
  • heybales
    heybales Posts: 18,843 Member
    Start small and realize as we get older, recovery takes longer, so it's best to be more careful.
    Nothing like a foolish workout to knock you out for a week from doing it again.

    So walk first, do some knee pushups, just easy things to start using the joints again - unless you've been active this whole time just without workouts.

    Then get a real program in place for lifting again.

    Use MFP the way it's designed with reasonable goals, no more than 15-20% deficit. Meaning if over 15 lbs to healthy weight than 500 deficit is likely reasonable.

    If you have family responsibilities and household, you would be Lightly-Active Activity Level, even with a desk job, not including exercise, which MFP doesn't expect.

    Log the Weights when done and eat more on those days as given.
    If more cardio done, like for that walking - log it too, but if walking, log 1/2 the time.
    If activity tracker in use - different arrangement.

    Macros can switch to 40/30/30 to confirm you got the protein covered, though that's usually overkill.
    Won't hurt you unless you have liver problems - or spending more on protein isn't good idea.

    Log food accurately, and don't make full sale swaps that makes it unsustainable - learn to eat the things you may like, but in the amount that fits your goals.