Comment below if you want friends!!!



  • Becrose09
    Becrose09 Posts: 39 Member
    I’m bec Lancashire uk 👋
  • 1phatmofo
    1phatmofo Posts: 2 Member
    Back on MFP...Looking for a few ACTIVE friends. Me: Late 50's, single, need to lose about 50 lb. Food diary will be open to friends and I weigh-in, daily. Please, no friend collectors or married-and-cheating. Cheers!
  • slimming_piglet
    slimming_piglet Posts: 11 Member
    Hi, I’m Chloe from England. Feel free to add me as I need more people to keep me motivated! 😊
  • Jangius13
    Jangius13 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello! I'm Jimmy from West Virginia!!
  • HippieWytch
    HippieWytch Posts: 3 Member
    Hi 58, married and looking to lose 50lbs. Getting fit along with it all by biking and running. My husband is tagging along with me in all this. If you'd like to be friends send a request! :)
  • jjsavoh
    jjsavoh Posts: 135 Member
    Plot twist: the friends threads are just the same 50 MFP users regularly coming back and telling one another to add them.

    ...Add me
  • donnab19601
    donnab19601 Posts: 9 Member
    Hello, my name is Donna and I am from Massachusetts!
  • thebiblewithtina
    thebiblewithtina Posts: 48 Member
    Tina from London, UK
  • daniellegstn
    daniellegstn Posts: 5 Member
    Hi Danielle from California
  • StevefromMichigan
    StevefromMichigan Posts: 462 Member
    Steve from Michigan back on MFP after gaining back some of the weight I have lost. have about 35-40 pounds to lose. Looking for friends for motivational support.
  • _canadianbakin_
    _canadianbakin_ Posts: 413 Member
    The only Shannon in BC you need... add away
  • veggiepat
    veggiepat Posts: 127 Member
    Hi! I'm from Ohio, and would love to have new friends for motivation and accountability. I love to cheer people on and support. Trying to lose 40 pounds, and love positivity!!
  • jholohan53
    jholohan53 Posts: 2 Member
    Hello, I’m John from upstate NY
  • maxtzis1
    maxtzis1 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi Chris from Canada
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
    Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 36,660 Member
    Megan born in Canada but live in California are welcome to add me :)
  • FitterFifteen
    FitterFifteen Posts: 75 Member
    Hey, Richard from the UK. Lost 5 stone through diet and exercise so far, very slowly aiming to shift the last 5 lbs and focus on becoming fitter and healthier.
  • SunflowerQueen36
    SunflowerQueen36 Posts: 1,272 Member
    Fresh start here. Did well my first time around with the help of friends 🤗 Feel free to add me!
  • GerryD1221
    GerryD1221 Posts: 21 Member
    New on MFP this week. Greetings from Manitoba, Canada. Please add me to your friend list :)
  • jorgecarbajal223
    jorgecarbajal223 Posts: 18 Member
    Yo wuddup! Where all my cali peeps! looking for friends to challenge ourselves. I am a beginner tho
  • amalaylay7
    amalaylay7 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi! I'm Amalie from Georgia. I'm getting married soon and looking to get toned before then!