WOMEN ages 50+ FOR JULY 2016



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    Re - Wonderful pictures showing the progress you have made! You are smart to take a reminder every now and then of where you are in the process.

    Katie - you look great!
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    Heather - I love you family pictures. You all look like you are having a blast.

    Kim from N. California - I love those cages to protect your plants. They look like they would be fairly easy to make. PVC pipes or metal?
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    NYKaren -
    klanders30 wrote: »
    I was thinking of writing some little notes for her to find among her things like little inspirational sayings, pictures or chocolates or $$$ so she can feel supported. Lately she has retreated to her room, not going out with friends
    I think she is as nervous as I am!!! Just wants this new phase of her life to begin.

    What a lovely idea. I think I would have enjoyed this very much if my mom had done something similar when I went off to college.

    jpsgirl - Thanks for the hydrageas. They are lovely.

    Charleen in Colorado - those quilts are gorgeous!

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    Got derailed on my last 12 hr night shift and then hearing some devasting family news that may well result in legal charges. Has fractured our family and possibly alienated my daughter from me.
    I wish i was one if those people who could not eat when they were stressed
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    Karenleona - You've come to the right place to get support and encouragement. You need to go back a few postings and find Barbiecat. She posts a link that will take you to the August site. When you get there, you need to click on the outline of a star, it will turn yellow; then you'll be able to find us easily when you open up the community and click on the gray star between the bell and gear. A dropdown screen will appear and then all you need it to start chatting with us. Welcome! Tell us a little about yourself, such as what name you prefer to be called, family, hobbies, and goals ... that type of stuff. I know we have a couple of "Karen" members, so add something to your name so we had distinguish you from the other ones.

    When you post, make sure you are on the last page, before you do. A lot of us will open up a word processing program and put them side-by-side so you can comment and direct it to a particular person. Then cut and paste it into the yellow block which is the part you type in. If you have any questions, my 'user name' is GRITSandSLUTS.

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    Apologies to all the wonderful ladies on this chat. I am waaaay behind on my MFP reading, logging and posting

    The last few weeks have just flown by. I was on grandmother duty, working on new project, and ripping out and replacing the front walkway. Of course, I picked the two hottest weeks on record. Because of old tree roots that were never removed, it took much more work and longer than expected. There were holes in the underlayment.
    I finished yesterday by adding a border of bricks along each side on top of a Gravel base to improve drainage in the adjoining flower beds. The steps were redone in concrete. In the fall, I will think about porch decoration. Perhaps removing the current rail and replacing with wrought iron and repainting the woodwork. We shall see.
    Meanwhile, the gardens are terrific. I have been putting up tomatoes. My sunflowers look like something from Jack and the Beanstalk. They are for the birds. The pumpkins are growing.
    Does anyone know how to get rid of thistle? I just learned that I should not pull them out, but cut them back and poison them. However, I am an organic gardener so this won't work.

    Panting in the 104 F. Or 40 C. Heat and humidity index and wishing it would rain.
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    Hi, CJ - go back a few posts and get the 'link' that will take you to the August site and remember to 'bookmark' it so that it will take you there whenever you want to find where everybody has gone. ;)
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    Hey all, I've been offgrid for about a month. But I tracked you down. mwahahaha.

    Last week I was aboard a dive boat for a week. We live on board for the entire week and dive up to five times a day. I was in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Here's a picture of me with regular diving companions.....