Cloud bread No carbs, love that.



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    Of course ;)

    I've used this to make hot dog poppers, jalepeno poppers, & hot pockets as described above. I make it as written, but decrease butter 2 Tablespoons.

    The dough can be formed by hand around dry-ish ingredients, think empanadas or savory hand pies.

    With wet hands, I press flat to make a well, then scoop filling into well, then take excess dough that comes up around the well, use it to close.

    There's a slight learning curve with the way it handles, but you get the hang of it pretty quick.
    I would not recommend making more than once a week though.

    We did at first and ate waaaay too much of it!!!

    While it didn't raise my blood sugar in the slightest (stayed below 90 mg/dl which is where I usually start), my weight crept be fair, I was eating this biscuit mix at every meal for a couple of weeks.

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    Taking the conversation back to the Magic Rolls, I am with shinycrazy - cloud bread - blech! I made the MRs this morning, I think they're great. They are based on the French cream puff recipe, so I don't see them as poor replacement, I see them more like a carber choosing to make a sandwich on a bagel instead of bread, so more like an alternative. The crunchy outside is the bee's knees!

    I made mine with coconut flour, which reduces the carbs to about 1.8 per roll (due to the high fiber content of coconut flour) - they turned out beautiful and tasty. I had to take it one step further, though. Since I already had the oven on, I cubed a few, tossed them in a bowl with seasonings and melted butter and put them back in the oven spread out on a cookie sheet (350 for about 15 minutes). It resulted in excellent croutons! I have a few more cubed rolls in the oven right now on low to test if they'll make good bread crumbs once dehydrated. Friday night fish fry - here I come!

    I also plan to make these in the future, only larger, cut a hole in the top once baked, scoop out some of the insides and use as 'bread' bowls for chili, stews and soups. The outsides are sturdy enough for this to work, and I can't wait to try.