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    Good afternoon. I'm Brisingr or Sarah. New here, but the title fits me to a tee. I've been on MFP since 2013 with low of 150 in 2016 and highest (non-pregnancy) weight around 202 in early 2019; restarting now at 182 after the birth of my first child (if you want the more detailed story, see spoiler).
    Looking forward to getting to know folks and support you in your goals.
    I started in 2013 weighing in high 170s. I was a little intermittent and my lowest was just under 150 for my wedding in summer 2016. Some breaks and re-starts with high around 202 :# . I was about 180 summer 2019, then got pregnant. I did well gaining only about 25 lbs during pregnancy, which disappeared by 2 weeks post-partum. Unfortunately, my diet has been out of control (too many carbs and sweets after strictly restricted during end of pregnancy due to gestational diabetes) and weight is creeping up. I'm currently 182 lbs., 12 weeks post-partum and just starting back to work (desk job, WFH), so trying to also get back on track from diet weight. Also hoping to figure out time to add some physical activity.
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    Hello all
    I have been following along, but haven't taken time to post. my daughter stayed with us all last week - from Colorado. It was great having her around, but we did eat and drink way more than I should.
    So excuses - I have no camping, or visits or anything coming up for a while, so I am hitting the ground "running" with getting back to healthier eating.
    Kathryn - your granddaughter - LOVE! Her cheeks! adorable!
    Maureen - congrats on Onederland!
    Lana - let us light fires under our butts? I have been sitting around too much lately. So easy to do so now.
    Sara - sending good vibes your way to your work. Sounds dreadful.
    Runa - great job on the downward trend!
    Welcome to the newbies! and waves to all who stop.
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    Hello All,

    Starting over (again) for the 100000000 time this year. I turned 50 this year and always struggled with my weight. At my biggest I weighed 298 and lost a lot through diet and exercise. i managed to get down to 155, which is my eyes was still heavy...oh how I wish I could go back.

    Needless to say I have been losing the same old 5-7 pounds this year after a rough last year...lost my dog after 14 wonderful years, broke my two fingers trail running and work strife.

    Now 2020 and this weird year. I am now at 185. Last week I managed to get to 177, then went rogue. I feel unmotivated and nothing excites me much. I walk my other dog every day and this weekend I managed a 31 mile hilly bike ride but I do not run much anymore. I have weights, treadmill and a spin bike at home but I can't get there.

    So for now, i will focus on food and portion control. I will keep doing my 2-5 mile hikes/runs with my dog and add the road bike in. I will try and stay focused and motivated. I will not think I blew it if I eat something out of calorie range.

    most of all i will try to love myself again.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Just popping in to say hi before going to bed. I'm trying to get in a rhythm--hard after being so lazy about logging. But it won't happen without effort. Nice walks and a bit of jogging today; I have a problem with my sacrotuberous ligament (kind of where you sit on your butt), and it's really bothering me. Heel strikes while jogging exacerbate it, but I think hamstring tendonitis is the actual cause--from overstretching.

    Anyhoo, I know it will improve with careful management--I just have to have patience, and time and again I push too hard when it starts to feel better, so I re-injure it. You'd think at my age and with 45+ years of jogging experience, I'd be better at this :)

    So, basically, I have a recurrent butt injury. Hahahaha.

    Hope you all had a good day.
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    *** September 1st ***

    Good morning everyone and welcome to Mafery and Sarah~~

    I have only one eye open so far; just getting us started.....

    *Alejandro is coming with the coffee!*


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    Good morning barely,

    Hit the snooze button, computer took too long to cooperate and lunch is here and I am able to type.

    Not strong enough coffee for today - wow not good.

    Wave to all who follow. Stay safe and sane out there.
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    Sara - what were the helicopters for? we live in the flight path between local military installations. I am so used to hearing Blackhawks and C130s roaring overhead that I barely notice them any more. that being said, none of them have ever been yelling to lock my doors! what on earth is happening out on the left coast?? stay safe!!

    I have the opportunity to purchase a slightly used treadmill. I am seriously considering it, especially if my office is moving out of this building with its gym. I just don't know about the $$.
    They finally have the a/c under control (somewhat) in the office. it was set on 57 for some insane reason. definitely explains why were were all on the verge of hypothermia!!

    The beautiful weeping Japanese orangeola maple tree by my water fountain died due to some sort of fungal infection. :( We had to take it out and are replacing it with a large rock water feature (our property is practically covered with large granite boulders) I am taking several sections of tree trunks that were recently cut down, hollowing them out, and will use them for planters around the rock water feature. I will be working on hollowing them out this week so I can seal them before the bark starts to fall off.

    Hello to everyone who pops in!!!

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    Hello everyone!!

    I am just making a quick note to say “Hi”! Congrats to all on the great life events and weight losses!

    Yesterday, I finally logged in my lowest weight on MFP since my highest weight in 2014- 309.8 lbs!! I am hoping the self control will be stronger this time and I can keep going. I miss the days when losing weight was easier in my mid-late 20s and early 30s for sure! 40s weight loss is a whole new world 😢

    Stay safe and healthy!
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    Good evening,

    Kathryn, seems someone with a warrant for their arrest was running away from the police....I wouldnt mind why you are hearing helicopters as they are beautiful to watch fly, but the recent protests/ destruction from other groups at the same time is getting old.

    Many people I know who are snow bound use treadmills. Could be a good motivator.

    Runa!! Great job and good for you.

    Better to get it off now. -50's and weight loss is not recommended - it just gets harder to lose ....... that being said after I finish my swiss cheese quiche (made on Sunday) I have to go walking. Air quality from the fires is better today so I can take a longer walk.

    Have a great evening.
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    Good morning,

    Another smoky day so window is cracked open and not for long.

    Two more days until a 3 day weekend.

    Meals are set if I stick to them.....

    Lana peep when you can

    Wave to all who follow. Stay safe and sane out there.
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    Good morning Sara~~

    Thanks for getting us started. I have been a bit out of it. Slept in very late and missed the ladies walking today. Lower-digestive distress.

    Waving to Runa 🎉 Congrats on your successes!

    Waving to Kathryn - So sorry about your Japanese Maple. Your new design sounds nice. We will want photos along the way 😁

    I wish that I could take it easy today, but I've got people coming to the house on Friday, so I must clean. I am not a good housekeeper. The dust is scary.

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    edited September 2020
    Kathryn there are trees dropping their leaves like crazy here and it is the same kind it may not be just you.

    Lana drink that water and clean yourself out. If you cant clean it - HIDE IT!!!

    Monster has days off next week so the rest of us get 5 days away from the "monster arena", possible dance of joy time.
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    After a bout of food poisoning that took the wind out of my sails all last week, I finally got the gumption to walk to work again, instead of driving the mile and a half. I've really got to get back in the habit of getting up to get a workout in before work before the rainy season hits.

    My partner of the last three and a half years is moving far away two weeks from Friday, and there's no real way for me to join him for at least a year and a half, if ever. I don't really have a plan to cope with his absence. I have grand ideas of using the time I usually spend with him for increased fitness and starting a small sewing business, but I'm afraid I'll turn to sweets and sleep as a coping mechanism instead.

    I am participating in a nutrition challenge this month. It's pretty simple- no restrictions, but you must have at least 800 grams of produce a day. I'm on day two. Yesterday, I ended the day with inadequate protein, so I've got to find a way to balance that out, get the appropriate protein levels without going over my calorie budget.

    That's all for me for now.

    Lana- good luck with the dust- I am a terrible housekeeper, too. Make sure to give yourself some downtime in there.

    Runa- keep up the good work! You're doing a great job! I'm in my early 40s, and I agree the struggle is way realer now than it was ten years ago.

    Kathryn (I am slowly extrapolating who is who here)- That is a bummer about the maple, but it sounds as though you've got a great plan brewing for the space it occupied. I don't know what to say about the treadmill. Sometimes I wish I had one, but my apartment really does not have the space for it. My coworker has one, though and she hits it pretty hard every morning before work.

    Sara- I am also very much looking forward to the long weekend!

    CW - 181.3
    HW - 234
    GW - 150 (or more, if it's muscle-y)

    (was this post too long?)

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    ethelb - length is not an issue here so you are fine.

    Glad you can walk to work again- I am working from home from COVID and miss the walk I used to make to work. Your new eating challenge sounds good - more produce is good - finding a balance takes a little time.

    Wishing all a great evening.
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    *** September 3rd ***

    Good morning everybody ~~

    EthelBonnie, glad that you have gotten over having food poisoning. Yick.
    Where do you live? the "800 grams" and the "rainy season" make me curious.
    Sorry to hear about your partner moving away. That has got to be rough.

    Waving to Sara and everyone else who stops by later on.

    *tossing hat and sunglasses onto favorite lounge chair for later*

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    Good morning,

    Had dream as the alarm went off that "I got the job!!" but might lose it if I dont answer their email fast enough.......isnt technology grand?

    Not as smoky this morning so windows are open temps will be HOT starting tomorrow through weekend, cannot win right now.

    Strong Tetley tea on tap and may sleep lunch.

    Wave to all who follow. Stay safe and sane out there.
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    Hello 👋🏽

    The scale seems to be staying below 310lbs. Hopefully by the end of September, it will get below 300lbs. I feel like I am waterboarding myself some moments trying to get in my water. It is hard for me to drink plain water, but I don’t want to rely solely on added flavors. My intake plummeted every time I would run out and didn’t get to the store right away.

    This weekend was so hard and stressful, but the week seems to be going better 😊

    I hope everyone is doing well and getting as good of a balance as possible!

    Runa 🌻

    HW: 359.7lbs
    CW: 309.8lbs
    Current GW: 299lbs
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    Got a compliment from boss in a staff meeting, glad I was sitting down. Getting my steps in dancing to music - air quality better today so maybe more walking after dinner......
  • LanaCabana537
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    Runa - Keep plugging along - you are doing great! You have come a long way already 💪🏻
    That is a pretty big goal you've set for yourself for the end of September. Just eat as well as you can, get your exercise, and drink your water. Big hugs~~

    Sara - I am tickled pink for you about the boss complimenting you! That is GRrrrreat!

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    Congrats to you Runa! That is great! One step at a time! One day at a time!
    Sara - I laughed out loud about you sitting down for a compliment. LOL. Glad you got one! Also glad air quality is better.
    Lana - hello! I am sick of work, thus headed to the cabana for some needed R&R :wink: Hope others can join me.
    Have a great rest of the day!