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    Good evening,

    Crashing soon after the bedding comes out of the dryer.

    Aotd: Pears, bananas, frozen broccoli/spinach - sliced apples in snack things to take to work. Moving back into Healthy (capital H) slowly.

    Today at work not as bad a couple more people on phones. Got 4500 steps today so will keep adding steps.

    Wishing all a good night. Stay safe and sane out there.
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    *** January 5 ***

    Good morning all~~

    Grocery shopping didn't happen yesterday, so I still don't know what my fruits and veggies are for the week. I'll probably get a bag of chopped kale. It worked well last week to cook the whole thing one day and then have it in the fridge to heat up quickly over the next several days.

    Welcome to Elise 👋🏻 You've got some great things planned!

    Sara - fresh bedding is the best! I hope that you slept well. Glad that there are more people at work.

    Waves to Tracy and Missy and Sherry~~

    Today I'm walking with the ladies, and it is cold and damp out. Ick.


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    Good morning

    Yesterdays food, while being healthy, was something I ate too much of. Peanut butter on tortillas x3 for a 7pm snack (and I did have dinner at 6:15pm so, yall know I wasn't actually hungry!) This is the exact type of habits that I need to focus on removing. Replacing with sewing or something. I must be using it out of habit and boredom and IDK....hell it tastes good. Who needs an underlying physiological reason?

    The issue is, it keeps me stuck here in the gap and NOT moving to my goal , even if the goal is small...I would rather like it to stay small and Im afraid if I don't focus on it, the 5# could creep up to 10# etc.

    So, Focusing on doing the right thing, instead of doing all things right.
    Focus on the solution and less on maintaining the old habit. More on creating a new habit.

    And I should focus on work....but there's nothing in my queue to do.....
    Working out 60mins each morning. Today was cardio then total body using weights. Great time. Im not really focused on the calorie burn, as I know that regardless of what my exercise is, this apple watch tells me Im burning about the same amount as I always do. And, I can only use that data if I'm going to be making sure my eating is LESS.

    Glad you're all still here to listen to me ramble on and on.
    Waves to everyone.
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    Hey Sherry - your idea of sewing sounds really good. It's that sort of activity where you can get lost in it, and the time passes, which is healthy.....and hopefully you won't need to do too much with a seam ripper 🤣

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    Good afternoon,

    My icky neighbor with the adorable but barking all night dog is moving!! So my year starting with a positive change.

    My food delivery later includes frozen spinach (fresh is hard to get with roads in the mountains still iffy), and things to take to lunch which are healthier than they have been.

    Time to find lunch and get myself another walk this afternoon.

    Wishing all a great day. Stay safe and sane out there.
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    Lana - I'l start that as a habit tonight.

    Tilles- Sounds like you're waaaay up in the sticks. In Memphis we are expecting a cold front to move in with ice and snow. SOOO many people are unprepared for this and, my son has a job that's a good 20min drive from here.... UGHHH.... I would have no problem with it if we were in South Dakota, because up north they care for the roads and people know how to drive on it. Down here, I think its an accident waiting to happen. Anyway, I was reading about your food delivery....hope they make it to your house. and that you were able to get a walk in.

    Lana - Its cross stitch - printed stitching at least. Its pretty but, I need my reading glasses on to see what the hell I'm doing. UGH...aging.
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    *** January 6 ***

    I hope that everyone has a good day today. Mine will be over-busy, which is dangerous for getting tired and eating too much. Awareness!

    Sara - I hope that you get nice new neighbors. 🌺

    Sherry - Cross stitch is like embroidery, right? That sounds nice and relaxing and therapeutic 😊

    Waves to Tracy and Missy and anyone else who stops by today~~


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    Good morning all.

    My name is Sam and I am definitely a serial starter. I live in beautiful Vermont. I ride a Harley, I am a photographer and creative, I have been in recovery for over 30 years. Yes I am old (57). Hahaha. Sometimes there comes a time when you just get sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have been a member since 2009. I have had some great successes and some major set backs. Injuries, divorce, death of friends, the pandemic even the deaths of my mom and dog have made the past few years so very difficult. I was a primary caregiver for my mom until she died a couple of weeks before Christmas. I also work full time plus overtime in public safety and that is a stressful job. I find myself now with out any excuses and have the time to work on myself. It is my time.

    I want to feel good in my own skin. I want to be able to hike more so I can really focus on my photography. It may sound odd but I want to be able to wear a pair of jeans and be able to tuck my shirt in and not feel like a marshmallow. Diet and exercise are equally important. I stress eat like crazy and food has always been a form of self medication. I am trying to view food now as fuel for my body and logging everything and preparing my meals in advance. However, for me this can become a trap. I have a tendency to be an all or nothing person. So little slips cause me to toss in the towel. While I feel that discipline is important to be successful. I also feel I need to be more kind to myself if I have a set back.

    So if you have read this far I appreciate it. I guess I just wanted to step in and get active in this community. There is strength in numbers and I certainly can use the support and accountability.

    Have a great day.


    Harleys, photography, creativity, recovery and shenanigans.
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    Accountability: Who's Got Your Back (Power of 4 Tony Horton workout)

    Back work today, then Abs. 60min. Tracked to 1500 calories yesterday. Felt like a good amount. I'm behind today in tracking....I had better get on that as its after 3 already.

    Welcome, Sam! I am new here also....well about 1month I've been here. Glad you can join us. I'm just turning 51yrs and from Tennessee. Im on the last 5#..... I had kept that 5# off for several years and then my Thyroid doctor decreased my med and BAMMM I'm fighting it again (as well as bad eating habits like we all have).

    If any of you have heard of Elizabeth Benton, she has a book called Chasing Cupcakes that is amazing. This month on Facebook she is hosting a book club group. She also has a great podcast.

    I'm on my 6th day of Gluten-free. I think I've been dairy-free for most of that and had 4 PC of candy. Today is day 2 of No dairy/No Sweets/No Gluten. It's been easier than I thought so far... Hoping this weekend proves that also.
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    *** January 7 ***

    Good morning ☀️

    Welcome Sam from Vermont 👋🏻
    You are quite young, my dear.
    Condolences on your mother's passing. You are right--it is indeed your time now.
    I love what you said about wearing jeans, tucking the shirt in, and not having that marshmallow factor. Thank you for that inspiring vision.
    As for the all or nothing business, it's good that you are aware. Try thinking about it as adding good things to your food-life instead of staying on a diet. 👍🏻😁

    Sherry - what a great title for a book: Chasing Cupcakes!

    OK, I've got to get going. The ladies group is walking this morning. Yikes! It's below freezing here in NC, which has me wanting to stay home 🥶

    Waving to all who stop by later on~~


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    Lana....I see your weight is headed in the right direction! WOOHOO

    Accountability: Po4 : Kickboxing.(60mins workout) 5 Days GFDF. 0 Days SF
    108 (up .5 from yesterdays weight)

    I'm always up for some kickboxing. I've been loosely tracking my food... scale doesn't appear to be headed downward so, I guess I need to ramp it up and track it more accurately. Today weight: 108 .0 three days ago, 106.2 I had obviously hoped to stay at 106.2 My goal is to make 104.0
    I'm very short.... 5'0" (although I round up to 5'1") I'm not sure if I've mentioned it but, I had done 2 bikini competitions, 2014 and 2017. Both were fun and taught me how you CAN convince your mind to eat less - it's all mindset.

    After I turned 50 and had 2 bunion surgeries back to back, I bounced up 8#. I am willing to say that 101.0 is probably too light overall for me. But the 108 isn't muscle and I'm willing to settle at 104/105.

    108 isn't horrible....but I would have a tighter core if I could convince my mind to eat less.

    Currently also working on my Hypothyroidism(had it for 10 years?) I have added a thyroid supplement
    and hope that helps me far this week it hasn't because I have eaten more than I should. I really need to work on my cross-stitch !!!!

    I also think that implementing an eating window/intermittent fasting is a tool that would help me. A solid rule..... you get to eat between this time and that time. after this don't get to eat. Kinda like MOM saying "nope, you've had enough. Go play." Mom was probably the reason most of us were thin as kids.

    On another positive note, Gluten-free/dairy-free will be added to my Accountability post so that I can keep track and make a streak. The goal is to also eliminate sugar (white, not fruit). All are part of some Healthy Thyroid protocols from a couple of influencers I follow.

    I probably write too much so I will stop here. I write this to document it for future reference.
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    Hi! My name is Kellen and I’m a serial starter.

    At my highest of 373, I lost 100lbs and was blessed to finally conceive my one and only child. Alas, with serious carb cravings while nursing, I gained 60 lbs of it back.

    Second rodeo, I got down to 248 (sadly my lowest since middle school!) I was living my best life, minding my own business, and then along cane Rona. My high anxiety didn’t bode well with coping, so here I am again in hopes the third time will be when it sticks for life and I can just maintain.

    Previously had the account Kherrons but starting over here! Please feel free to add me if you need another cheerleader! I’m also very capable of tough love if that’s your jam 😘
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    Welcome Kellen.

    Focus on doing the next right thing, instead of doing all things right.
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    YOga this mornig and 15mins on the elliptical. Yoga felt amazing. Just amazing. and my heart rate was consistently between 130 and 146 which is a range I get from some cardio videos, so I will count this as a win.

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    *** January 9 ***

    Happy Sunday ☀️

    I see I missed yesterday - I was clue-free!

    Sherry - you are doing great with your yoga - good for you 💖

    Oh, goodness, the weather forecast is not good. I see it raining over the western part of Tennessee, and it's coming my way.

    Time for breakfast. BBL


    261.0 today
    271.2 highest
    246.0 lofty goal for first day of Spring
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    It snowed Friday but looks like it’s going to hang around for a little while yay 😀
  • gemwolf110
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    Hope everyone has a great week!

    @SherryRueter Yoga I hear is amazing 🤩 that is a win

    @LanaCabana537 it warmed up yesterday and started raining since I posted. All snow is basically gone :-(

    @kellsbellz87 and @aikzilla Welcome to the group!
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    Good morning Missy ☀️
    I love the photo of the floofs you posted yesterday! Is that Nasha, all curled up and looking adorable on the right?

    Sara - how are you doing? It's unusual for you to not post. Send up a flare when you have a chance.

    Waves to Tracy and Sherry and anyone else who stops by later on 👋🏻

    Time for me to get going - only one lady responded for today's Meetup walk, and I'm glad. If it were only me, I would take my name off and not go.

    *tossing beach bag onto favorite lounge chair for later*


    260.4 today
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    01/10: Po4 Week 2 Day 1 : Plyometrics (60mins workout)
    8 Days GFDF. 0 Days SF |
    01/08: 108.0 (up .5)
    01/10: 107.6 (back down from Fridays #)

    Quick Flyby post so I don't forget.
    My sugar intake is really low. I had 1 werthers candy yesterday and a spoon of frosting. I'm taking that as a win, however, I do use a little more Equal sweetener than I probably should. I joined a 10 day Sugar free challenge that starts today, so....hopefully this will propel me to nix it out of the lifestyle.

    Gluten free hasn't been too hard. I just have to be mindful. I'm not seeing it as a bad thing, that's probably what changed the most this time. Same with Dairy Free. I'm not seeing the removal of it as a negative thing. I'm seeing it as a positive and my family doesn't mind that I'm making the changes. That helps me a lot also. Really, its all part of ME wanting to get my thyroid under control, remove inflammation and be healthier over all.

    I was really hoping for today's scale to be better, I thought I did really good the past 2 days. AND there-in lies the issue. Just because the # isn't what I want, that DOESN'T mean that I didn't do it all right. It only means that the number on the scale is what it is. I'll continue to do things right and eventually it will all equal out correctly in the end.

    I have to work now. I will come back later and do shout outs.
    Have a good Monday!
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    Lana - hope you didnt get too wet. Yes, that was a huge rain storm.

    Tracy, Lana, Missy, @kellsbellz87 and @aikzilla
    - Waves!!!