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    Hi everyone! I am a runner (maybe a jogger or a shuffler...) and I'm pretty slow. The thing is, I'm totally ok with being a slow runner. I don't race, I don't run for any reason other than I like to lace up my sneakers, plug in my headphones, and let off some steam. Are there any other non-competitive runners out there who run just for the sake of running (or jogging or shuffling)?
    I have an "old man" jog. I timed myself the last time and it was an 11 minute mile. Could I do much better? Sure, but I have no desire to. I jog because I like to be outside and to myself.
    Now I do play flag football and run sprints, but of course that's only short distances and there's lots of rest in between.

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  • realcalm
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    Slow swimmer, but hey I've got form. Really slow walker, being disabled. No one seems to understand why I don't like taking walks with others, but I just feel the whole time that I'm a drag on them. By myself, walking can be Zen-time.
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    I just started running again. I used to try at running and hated it. My trainer at the gym had me do time on the treadmill as part of my monthly test since i was improving very well in all other areas. It didn't take long and i was hating it. He suggested i slow to just about the pace i walk at (15 min. Mile) and i found i could sustain the pace and actually really enjoyed it. I may never be fast, but i still get the exercise in doing something I enjoy so i know i can stick with it. I am glad I am not the only one.
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    I just love all of these comments! You give me hope and laughter! <3:D:):p:*
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    You're doing more that 90% of the population of the U.S. Shuffle on and enjoy the run.