Food For Thought: There's Not One Right Way



  • likitisplit
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    I think some of the posts could be more tolerant - I've seen people get called on stuff when they really are just that ignorant. I post a list of healthy foods to add calories regularly - copy and paste it - and each time I do, I get at least 2 PMs thanking me. However, I see a lot of stupidity - for example arguing with people like Sarauk. You get somebody like that giving you insight, you thank them even if you aren't ready for their advice.
  • MissyBenj
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    It's saddening to see that within the first page people are already trying to argue with such an innocent, uplifting post. It further proves the points that you've made. Thank you for posting this! It's incredibly positive, and if people take the time to absorb it rather than pick it apart to argue it, it may go a long way =)

    It is odd, what I read as discussing, you read as arguing. Isn't it weird how that works?

    The beauty of the internet.
  • Azurastar
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    Thanks so much for posting this. I was just reading through a forum and was appalled with the way some people treat each other. It started with a simple question and ended with so many post attacking the poor girl. It's a shame when someone comes for support they are ridiculed and judged. Makes me not want to post anything, for fear of being made out like an idiot. So thanks again for putting this out there:)