What are you doing RIGHT NOW???



  • Diatonic12
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    Just plain orange juice, Tony? B)
  • KickassAmazon76
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    I am teaching myself how to crochet a rat bookmark. Lol

    My eyes are buggy, but it's looking not too shabby for a newbie!
  • honeybee__12
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    Sitting in bed in the guest room of my ex husbands house for the second night in a row watching TV.
    My house lost power yesterday and it’s still out. 🤨
  • Cat0703a
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    Wondering if more sleep is coming my way.
  • Watching Nyx, Daughter of Chaos careen through the house and being very glad the tablecloth is clipped to the table with the sort of clips you use on picnic tables, because otherwise that last low-level pass would have the tablecloth with its load of clean folded laundry on the floor. Of course, she and her sister are why the tablecloth is clipped on.
  • Isso8
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    Checking the profile of person above
  • Taytaylynn92
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    Drinking coffee at work.
  • J_NY_Z
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    I just finished slow dancing in the kitchen with my dog.. 10/10, highly recommend. Mood 😌

    I miss the days of dog dancing....
  • J_NY_Z
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    edited October 2020
    Preparing for an 11am Zoom meeting, listening to the radio and zoning out in the forums simultaneously.
  • Making the grocery list and getting to go out, in the rain, to the grocery store. Why it had to wait to rain til shopping day.... And I can't put it off, we're out of coffee. (sigh)
  • Sitting down and drinking a lot of iced tea now that I'm home from the store and the groceries are put away. Oof. It's not the standing and walking, it's the people. It's like, if you put a mask on you forget that other people exist and are trying to shop also.
  • MiNinaLisa
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    MiNinaLisa wrote: »
    Still in bed watching movies. Not a good day today.

    Sorry you're not having a good day 😔

    Just tired of always being in pain. Tomorrow is another day ❤😊

    I do hope not only tomorrow is better but that the pain gets sorted.. it sucks that you've overcome so much and now have to deal with this... Im wishing better days ahead real soon 🤗❤

    and i'm going to tackle and smooch you just because Jo.. xo <3


    thanks lovely :)
  • KLoGetsHealthy
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    Reading some book on this app where unpublished writers write books and put them online and enjoying the weather.
  • 2Racks
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    Ripping a few at Carey Price 🏒🥅😂
  • Miss_Chiev0us
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    The boyfriend has poker night with his friends and my daughter and I went shopping, went out for dinner and we're about to watch Halloween movies with some nachos
  • Listening to Boyfriend singing in the shower. Thinking about hot tea and a book. (That's something I think about a lot.)
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    iMago wrote: »


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    iMago wrote: »

    You accidentally flipped the camera, haa

    honest mistake just redo