yogis: what pose(s) do you struggle with the most and do you have goals for working toward them?



  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    robininfl wrote: »
    Natural feeling poses?

    gomukhasana I was not even sure I was doing it right, I don't feel anything. My legs do that naturally.

    butterfly, the seated pose with knees bent and feet together, probably because of years of ballet my knees go to the ground.

    And Triangle has always felt really good. Whatever that stretches, it feels nice, it feels strong, it's easy to look up, hand goes to the ground no problem, teachers always say "beautiful" but it came easy.
    Triangle does feel right!
  • yesimpson
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    I love warrior poses; they feel strong and comfortable.
  • scr183
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    Most backbending/heart-opening poses come pretty easily for me -- bow, dancer, and wheel are among my favorites. But sometimes there is nothing better than just breathing in crocodile, you know?
  • MlleKelly
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    @smile_laughter I LOVE Bikram!!! I struggle with those same ones...locust and full locust, fixed-firm, and camel. I think it has to do with the flexibility in my shoulder and hip joints. I can't do toe stand because my knees are seriously messed up.

    I really don't get to practice Bikram anymore because I moved to an area without a studio (WAAAAAHHHH!!!!!), but I do get some yoga in at my local YMCA and I have the Bikram recording. It's just not the same doing it at home with the dogs sniffing at my face, lol.
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    Love this thread, and how it affirms so much of yoga being unique to each person!

    Plow was crazy easy for me, I couldn't believe that people struggled with it, whereas simple crescent lunges have me wobbling alllllll over the place.

  • tiny_clanger
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    Adho Mukta Svasana for me. The pain in my shoulders and triceps is immense sometimes. I've been warming up with Anahatasana rather than going straight in to Downward Facing Dog and that seems to help/
  • AlisonH729
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    The wheel and the crow.

    Downward dog I cannot do without a wide stance without my feet flat. Ugh.

    All of this!

    Physically I have the ability to do wheel, but something in my back tightens up and makes it very painful. I get this same pain sometimes when I stretch with my arms over my head at my desk... but not really any other time, so it's strange.

    Crow just hurts. I feel like I'm going to end up with bruises on the back of my arms from my boney knee caps.
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    AlisonH729 wrote: »

    Crow just hurts. I feel like I'm going to end up with bruises on the back of my arms from my boney knee caps.

    Yeah, I have what I've started jokingly referring to as "crow brands" on my triceps from practicing it. I bruise very easily, so while it's not painful for me, it always leaves a mark. I wouldn't mind so much if I could actually hold the dang pose for more than a split second...

  • denversillygoose
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    I'm slowly getting crow. My biggest focus is just gaining flexibility. Someday I hope my heels can touch the floor on a downward dog. I have already gained enough flexibility to do a forward fold and touch the floor. This was a MAJOR victory for me. I have never been very flexible.
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    @MlleKelly - Awww....that is a bummer that no studio is near you. Maybe you should become a small business owner and open your own. ☺ I got a class in today. I've tried to do the yoga poses at home, but like you said.....dogs keep licking me and my room isn't hot and have humidity in it.
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    I love yoga! Yin is certainly my favorite style. But I love arm balancing & anything that pushes my flexibility.

    Right now I'm very limited in my physical pracrice, though. My right shoulder is injured, so I've been banned from putting my full body weight on it or backbending. My physical therapist said my shoulders are very flexible without being very strong, so it puts me at greater risk of injury.

    I'm also recovering from a mole being removed from my lower back. I'm trying to avoid a weird scar, so no forward bending for 2-3 more weeks! Between all that, my current yoga is about zilch. Boo...

    But if you want to improve wheel, work on your shoulder & anterior hip flexibility. But make sure you're supporting it all with your muscles, not just dumping into your joints! (Reminder to myself as well lol)
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    I really love pigeon, one legged king pigeon...any hip openers. I also really love humble warrior as it reminds me to bow to the divine. :smile: It's hard to hold onto stress and negative thoughts when you prostrate to something bigger than you.
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    I have to say: this thread really motivated me to try a few things I thought I couldn't do. Thanks all!