What do people cut back on?



  • nickisa28
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    I switched to diet soda months before starting to lose weight and am so thankful now. I'd hate to be wasting calories on liquid.
    Then I found out I was gluten intolerant so majorly cut down on pasta, pizza, bread, cakes etc. I hate some of the gluten free options out there so it's easier to just eat a meal made up of meat and veg. That's when I started to notice I was getting smaller so thought 'hey, if I put a bit of effort in, I can lose more!'
    Since then, the only thing I've limited was my beloved Latte's. I've gone 3/4 a day to maybe 1 a week. Then chocolate. I only have a small square or two and will treat myself with a whole bar on days I've been really good and saved calories.
  • laur357
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    I cut back on alcohol and soda, but still have a little every week or two.
    I cut back on pizza, but still eat it a few times a month. Same with tortilla chips.
    I cut back on convenience eating (ordering takeout, going to restaurants for lunch during working instead of packing, etc.) and mostly save dining out for special occasions and trying new restaurants or cuisines.

    Primarily, I started paying attention to portion sizes. I still eat pasta, rice, and potatoes, but I make sure they're balanced with other food items and only one or two serving sizes. I really like rice, and it's not actually that hard for me to fit a 200 calorie serving of jasmine rice into a satiating meal when I'm pairing it vegetable and shrimp stir fry.

    Basically, I taught myself how to moderate what I eat (which was the problem for me - secret eating and binging) and learned to be aware of the nutritional make-up of my favorite foods. Foods I have trouble moderating aren't forbidden, but I also choose to not keep family-sized amounts of them at my house unless people will be around for sharing.
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    I eat pasta much more rarely than I used to, and I don't drink soda anymore. I do measure my pasta by weight when I eat it. Same with crackers etc.
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    The main thing I cut back on is portions. I still eat pasta, I still drink coke, I still have dessert, etc. Except now instead of throwing a handful of pasta in the pot and filling my plate, I weigh my pasta first. Instead of an IV of coke each day, I switched to coke zero and still have the occasional "real" coke (mainly when going out to eat). Instead of sitting down with a pint of ben and jerry's, I buy single serve ice cream sandwiches or bars that I can portion out easily.

    I still eat all the foods I have always enjoyed, I just cut back on portions and save the bigger portions or what I consider to be "real" indulgences for special occasion situations.
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    I would say for me it's more that I don't crave these things anymore so I have "cut" them out. Sodas, added sugars, chips, candy, white bread, just "junk" in general. Pizza used to be my favorite food but I haven't even had it in in like 9 months because it hasn't appealed to me. I still eat chocolate but I eat high quality dark chocolate when I want some. I have had cookies or cake occasionally at family events but in moderation and I have self control to not have it if I don't feel like it. I used to live on carbs, sugar and caffeine and I felt like a slave to those things and it was miserable. Because I eat healthy things with nutrients that my body needs and eat a lot of protein I am satisfied and it's just a whole different way of living and I wouldn't go back for anything.
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    I cut soda completely. If I even have a diet soda, it triggers my craving for the real thing. For pasta, I make sure that it's whole grain and I measure it carefully so I know exactly how much to track. I think when I reach my goal I might be a little less careful but not before then. I actually tried to drink my old favorite Dr Pepper last week and it tasted pretty bad to me. Doesn't take long for those taste buds to change and to break the sugar habit!
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    I've always drank diet sodas so I didn't have to change anything there (although I mostly only have them when I go out somewhere for a meal). And I definitely still have pasta at least once or twice a week. I used to make myself giant portions of pasta, but I got a food scale and now never make myself more than 50g. I still like to have a giant plate of food when i have pasta though so now I sautee up a bunch of veggies (usually spinach, zucchini, and mushrooms) and add it to my pasta so it looks like the same size portion of before but at least 1/2 of it is vegetables.
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    I haven't really cut back on foods I've been trying replacements for them:) I like Romaine Lettuce instead of wraps/taco shells, spaghetti squash and shredded slaw salad in place of pasta, etc. I did stop all sodas and now drink a lot of unsweetened tea, coffee, and water. When I do have pasta I use the wheat pasta and add lots of veggies to it.
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    I moderate rather than cut. 2 slices of pizza instead of 3. Cut that burger in half and save the rest as leftovers. Drink 1 beer not 2. etc etc. I tend to shift towards higher protein foods as well, so more meat and less pasta in my pasta sort of thing. When I lose weight though for the most part I eat the same things, just change quantities and ratios.
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    Estefani_H wrote: »
    People who eat pasta and drank soda do you conpletely cut back? What all do you do? Thanks also what time is best to stop eating at night?

    I replaced regular pasta with zucchini noodles. I never did drink soda but if you do there's always the diet sodas available. I drink a lot of water with crystal light or mio flavorings.
  • I have soda, sometimes the full fat but usually the diet. I eat pasta too not often and I have an average amount. They can easily fit in calories you just have to make sure you don't splurge on the full fat drinks and the pasta as they do have quite a few calories, have it but don't have it everyday or have it everyday but go easy with the rest of your calories.
  • I stay up late but usually finish around 11/11:30 pm latest.
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    I cut back on everything, but still eat anything I want. Paying attention to correct serving size and staying within my calorie allotment. Worked for me when losing and is working for me for almost 3 years on maintenance.
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    Estefani_H wrote: »
    People who eat pasta and drank soda do you conpletely cut back? What all do you do? Thanks also what time is best to stop eating at night?

    I don't eat a lot of grains unless they are sugary. I will eat lasagna or pasta occasionally, but fill up on meat, fruits, veg and dairy. I would rather have a cookie every night than some bread.