You know you are LCHF when...



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    Sarahb29 wrote: »
    - You own multiple flavors of sugar free syrup
    - You keep almonds, dark chocolate and beef jerky in your night stand
    - You buy almonds in 1lb bags
    - You know what malitol is and run in the opposite direction of anything containing it. Might even have flashbacks of horrific experiences.
    - You know that almond milk is just as good a source of calcium than milk is (actually, better!)
    - You have an extremely specific and confusing Starbucks order that no one is going to be able to order for you in the office, even if you write it all down (No classic! Extra heavy whipping cream!)
    - You have the "net carbs" addon for MFP/Chrome
    - Caveman makes you think of delicious LC recipes rather than an actual caveman
    - You expect an office get together involving food to turn into temptation challenge 2016 (damn doughnuts!)

    ** you have to explain your Starbucks order to your bestie who then orders her chai latte thinking it must be low carb too (eye roll) ~ 65gm carbs later, she's sad and I'm on a coffee bzzzzzzzzzzz
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    When you make nachos with baked cheese "chips" and then add even more cheese on top.

    Yum! Have you tried making the keto cheetos? Perfect for nachos.
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    - There are pepperoni sticks floating around in your purse, always
    - You ask for extra pickles at restaurants
    - You wonder about the carb count in your vitamin sprays
    - You find yourself turning mealtime into a macro-balancing game
    - You can't help but feel a lil smug when non-keto'ers deal with hanger/desperate hunger
    - You wish so bad they would sell pickle juice without the pickles
    - You wish so bad there was a yummy and easy electrolyte drink that you could buy
    - You never pass a BBQ meat stand without at least skimming the menu ;)

    I definitely find myself wondering about the carb count in meds! It's frustrating cause most of them are impossible to track down. Supplements and vitamins, too.
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    Having people at the other table look at me funny when I use my finger to scoop out a couple of mini butter tubs (the kind for take-out muffins etc) and eat those straight before I tackle my Subway salad with the bacon, cheese, and avocado on it.
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    KnitOrMiss wrote: »
    cstehansen wrote: »
    when your wife is irritated at how many shirts you have ruined with grease stains.

    @cstehansen - add a small drop of Dawn or other degreasing soap on the grease marks on the shirts, EVEN AFTER DRYING (though if dried, you may have to spray with WD-40 first to break it up), use a laundry brush to work the soap in, then launder as normal...or if the load is full of these shirts, you may need to rinse slightly first...

    Go ahead, ask me how I know. ;)

    Or any kind of liquid for washing your dishes.......
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    I actually carry a small tablet of hand soap around in my handbag, in case either I or my Hubby accidentally waste precious, delicious fat by dropping it onto our clothes, as it's on its way to our mouths.
    (What a waste!)

    I immediately rub the fat mark with the soap (on both sides of the fabric - in and out) with the dry soap. Never use water on a fat mark. It diffuses it into the fabric and it's very difficult to remove completely, after that.

    So don't be tempted to suck it out.

    Let it go, there will be more fat, it's ok.
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    Baby wipes also do amazing things for food splooches (I say that's a word).
  • AlexandraCarlyle
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    I agree. I the same way I explain to Contactless Debit card users to 'swoodge' it across the card reader. :)
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    you want to reach over and shake the people at the other table in a restaurant because they are cutting the fat off their steak and LEAVING IT ON THE PLATE!!!!!! DON'T THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE MISSING?!?!?!?!?!?!
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    As s newbie some of these are frightening. I have no desire to do some of this. Yikes.

    But highly entertaining.
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    ...despairing of the poor quality avocados this season, I have taken to buying pre-made guacamole to fill the avocado void...<sigh>...

    On the plus side, Colorado had amazing avocados, so I did get to eat my fill on vacation!
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    TnTWalter wrote: »
    As s newbie some of these are frightening. I have no desire to do some of this. Yikes.

    But highly entertaining.

    No worries, girl! Sometimes things are exaggerated (then again, some things aren't, bwahahaha! >:) )
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    You make popcorn for your family - they eat the popcorn but you make extra melted butter to sip :)
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    When you make breakfast for the family and hide thr crispy bacon to nibble on later.