You know you are LCHF when...



  • Kerschel
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    okay, what is this thing with pickle juice? I'm such a neophyte.
  • NikaChartrand
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    Kerschel wrote: »
    okay, what is this thing with pickle juice? I'm such a neophyte.

    It's the sodium in it. It helps fight off keto flu by replenishing your sodium. It's not the only way to do this but it is one of the fastest in my experience.
  • TheDevastator
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    when supper is pepperoni, beef, and a peanut butter, cocoa, and veggie smoothie. My favorite ways to get salt are pepperoni and Parmesan cheese though I'm not keto.
  • PaulaKro
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    You spelled "because it's delicious" wrong

  • tcunbeliever
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    Sadly, I've been drinking the pickle juice, and green olive juice, far longer than I've been low's just sooooo yuuuuuuum! Even my kids know, when you finish the jar, you leave the jar with juice in the refrigerator.
  • sophleo7
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    Bonny132 wrote: »
    Not only do you eat pickles, you drink the pickle juice too, like it is a cocktail.

    And you soak all your chicken in pickle juice and a little heavy cream for your own a flavorful "buttermilk". 😋😉
  • canadjineh
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    Or you throw your peeled hb eggs in the pickle juice and leave 'em for a week, til they're yummiest.
  • PaulaKro
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    :laugh: For hangovers and sunburn, too! :laugh:
  • KowboyKraka
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    Sarahb29 wrote: »
    - You have an extremely specific and confusing Starbucks order that no one is going to be able to order for you in the office, even if you write it all down (No classic! Extra heavy whipping cream!)

    Ventti Iced Americano, Light-Heavy whipping cream, 2 pumps sugar free vanilla, 2 sweeteners, blended
  • retirehappy
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    When you see a TV ad for dog food with pictures of the meats included in it, and it looks so much more appealing than the ad just before for a chain restaurant that was showing pasta and potato side dishes to breaded meats.
  • canadjineh
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    You're reading your Gramma's 1942 Women's Home Companion Cookbook and notice the party cocktails include sauerkraut juice (who knew that was a 'thing' then??), but you also notice how many breaded, crumbed, frittered, coated recipes there were :anguished: