wendler 5/3/1 - dealing with failure. heck, DEFINING failure in formats like this



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    What you need is volume.
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    So long story short, you didn't get your 3 minimum reps? I'm assuming that's the case, you didn't really say it but here we are...

    Drop to 90-95% of your current training max (Wendler recommends 90% if I remember in the book), recalculate the program and keep going from there.

    It doesn't really matter if you do your 5/3/1 week next week or just start over with 5s week. It really doesn't. If you have complete decision paralysis (and it sounds like you do) I'd probably just reset and start over with 5s if it were me.


    I'll also add you might want to look into some additional volume work on the main lift perhaps to help break the potential plateu. If you have the Beyond book, check out the "First Last Set" for example. Essentially, after the top set AMRAP you drop back down to first set working weight for 3-5 sets.


    1x10x140 (AMRAP)

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    Derp, I meant First Set Last.... and I see it was already mentioned after rereading now.
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    so many words not actually asking for advice.

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    to add on to what @LolBroScience @DopeItUp and others have said...

    It sounds like you are going too heavy with the wrong intensity from my point of view.

    First, take a deload week at about 50% and get your head straight. Use the time to re-read the books.
    Next, cut your Training Max for the exercise(s) you are having problems with by 85% and begin the 5's PRO: "5's Progression".
    Yes, I said 85%. Why? Because when in doubt, JW wants you going lighter.
    5's PRO means all main lift work sets, every week are for 5 reps.
    There is no "3 week" or "5/3/1 week" anymore. All weeks are a "5 week", regardless of day or weight percentage.

    Hit 5 reps and done. Not "5+" No extra reps on the main lifts. Only 5. Always 5:

    "..then shalt thou count to FIVE, no more, no less. FIVE shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be FIVE. SIX shalt thou not count, neither count thou FOUR, excepting that thou then proceed to FIVE. SEVEN is right out. Once the number FIVE, being the FIFTH number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy BAR BELL of Antioch towards thy sky, who being WORTHY in My sight, shall BUFF it." -- Book of Armaments, Chapter 2, verses 9–21

    Add 2 or 3 FSL ("First Set Last") sets of 5 to 7 reps afterwards.
    Regardless, the extra volume will probably do it.
    Just do Deadlifts, Squats, Bench and Press with 5's PRO for about 3 months and see how you are doing.
    Some people like 5x5 FSL but that is a LOT of volume, IMO. Might work for you.
    Stick to 2x5-7 or 3x5-7 FSL sets for a while.

    Also eat more, rest better and make sure you are not overdoing the Accessory work.
    No more than 1 Accessory per exercise.
    Maybe add a set or two of pull-ups in the morning, presuming you lift in the evenings.
    Like it or not, you will hit a point where you cannot be "cutting" while following 5/3/1.
    Wendler makes this clear in 5/3/1 2E and Beyond.

    This all presumes your TM was correct to begin with; I don't know your routine.
    If you never really calculated your TM then take 85% of your last successfully completed cycle's weight and use that as your TM.

    If you have questions, read Beyond 5/3/1 and re-read 5/3/1 Second Edition.
    Here is to hoping you have read the books and actually understand the program instead of just pulling the basic framework off the internet.

    * Read the books, support the man!
    People frequently screw up 5/3/1 because they pull 1/2 the program off the internet and don't understand it.
    Then they "tweak" it and wonder why they have problems...

    * DO NOT DO Boring But Big WITH FSL! It makes JW mad and ruins your long-term progress.