Comment if you also want new friends!



  • msr8898
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    Hey everyone, trying to build muscle and bulk up on a whole foods/vegetarian diet. Feel free to add
  • Tazzie0208
    Tazzie0208 Posts: 66 Member
    Hello Nona! I'm trying MFP again and this time I will try to use it everyday. I was doing great back 3 years ago but the cold winter really took me off my early workouts. As I get older, it gets harder to lose weight! goodness!! so I'm trying other things to stay fit along with healthy eating habits. I'm determined to lose wt and be toned!! I think we all need support so please add me as your friend too!!! Have a great weekend MFP Community!!
  • Lisamjs1
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  • jackiechenery62
    jackiechenery62 Posts: 63 Member
    Feel free to add me
  • PedroX13
    PedroX13 Posts: 33 Member
    Hi everyone I'm back on this. I'm needing friends that would like give and get support and encouragement. Husband and father of 2 young boys. So please feel free to add me. Thank you.
  • cbyrd82
    cbyrd82 Posts: 6 Member
    Also looking for a little more motivation and new friends! Add me
  • 3M_TA3
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    Let me see if I have more luck on this thread. Always looking for interactive friends. I am fairly active and not everything is fitness related but is all in good fun....
  • BlondeButtercup127
    BlondeButtercup127 Posts: 750 Member
    You can add me too!!
  • Tayykisses
    Tayykisses Posts: 265 Member
    I would love new friends! The more the merrier! :)
  • garzasonia23
    garzasonia23 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi ...feel free to add me.
  • oriam2017
    oriam2017 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi am here to loose 76 pounds
  • kdb25276
    kdb25276 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm looking for new friends
  • Tapout112009
    Tapout112009 Posts: 109 Member
    I always post my workouts and food on my profile. I enjoy helping people out try and motivate anyone I can.
  • MysticGoalie
    MysticGoalie Posts: 328 Member
    Hi :)
  • iamkachelle
    iamkachelle Posts: 28 Member
    Hey :) I want to lose 50 but my short term goal is 20Ibs. Add me, we can support each other