Self Sabotage



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    @kpk54. Thanks Dr. Phil. I am trying and will get there.

    methinks I was just squarely kicked in the *kitten*...but in the best possible way. I <3 you too!

    Kathy sighs with relief. Whew!
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    @elize7 "All systems go, no excuses" That's exactly what I want back....You said it Sister!
    @authrowriter problem is I'm not craving them. I'm just eating them because they are there. Literally they don't even taste good. How much do I suck, right? Plus I've let other stuff go too, like the logging and moving.
    @kennygang I want to be you when I grow up "So I will stick to it..."

    So, it dawned on me today actually that my cycle has been in full force nearly a month now. That's a new twist for me. I've been Keto (cept for the last month) since April. Could Shark Month be to blame? Probably not, but I'd like to think so... I could be hitting menopause too. I'm 42 so that could be sneaking its way in. I don't know. I've been better - WAY better since I started this thread and you guys have been so crazy helpful. But I know I'm not back 100% yet. "All systems go, no excuses". That's what I want again.

    I've also been longing for someone near by to do this with. Of course Anna is still trying but she's 100 carbs and I'm 20. She is super busy with school and band stuff so she won't/can't keep me accountable for eating or walking and I can't expect her to. My job as Mom is to help her succeed. I want someone to get me out of bed at 0600 to work out and to keep me motivated. I want a local keto friend. My nearest is about 70 miles away...and I love her dearly but well 70 miles. Wow...could I be more full blown into my own self pity? Crimeny!

    @RowdysLady - I need to get up at 4 to work out. I think I'm 2 hours ahead of you. We could be accountable to each other. :)
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    Let's see....if I respond to this then I actually have to do it because Cadori will know if I don't and tell on me. If I don't respond then I'm clearly not helping myself and I am now a whiny person who won't even help herself when help is offered....Jimeny cricket...@Cadori really? You just put it out there to the world that I'll get up and work out now because you'll hold me accountable. Geez, woman! There's no getting out of this now. If you can do 4 a.m. then surely I can do 6 a.m. :smiley:

    Being silly, of course....I will message you.... I'd love the accountability.

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    Self-Sabotage...Story of my life, especially when real life gets rough!
    Threads like these are extremely helpful.
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    RowdysLady wrote: »
    @kpk54. Thanks Dr. Phil. I am trying and will get there.

    methinks I was just squarely kicked in the *kitten*...but in the best possible way. I <3 you too!

    Isn't she just the best ever? I love getting a swift kick in the dupka.
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    I'm trying to figure this out myself as well. I did really well for a month...about 8 months ago. And then I start and fail, start and fail, start and fail.... Now I'm back up to my old weight and starting again.
    One thing I'm changing is that IF/when I screw up and give into temptation, I'm not going to just write off the rest of the day like I have been doing. Up until now, if I have a couple of chips, I then just eat whatever for the rest of the day saying to myself, 'Well, I've already gone off plan so I may as well just give in to all the rest of the junk'.
    It has been an 'all or nothing' approach until now. Hopefully this change will help me.
    There is some type of mental/emotional thing that is unresolved for me, and I'm not really sure how to get to it.
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    hang in there @food_lover16. It's tough but together we can all do this!
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    You're really Rosey!
    You're Rosey Real!
    You're a great big deal!
    That's referencing Rose Madder-Stephen King

    Just for the record, I may have butchered it some. :D

    Carole King - the nutshell library - I remember that!

    I'm really rosie
    I'm rosie real
    you better believe me
    I'm a great big deal

    I'm a star from a far off the golden coast
    beat that drum
    make that toast
    to rosie the most

    belieeeeeeve me
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    Remember how moms used to expose their kids to chicken pox by having a play date with the sick kid?
    May I recommend common cold parties for stopping binge behaviors!! Lol. I can hardly even look at much less taste food since I got this cold. Stopped the binge in it's tracks. Just like that!!!
    I feel so sick, but so thrilled. Hopefully when it passes I'll be decarbed enough to not have cravings!
    Have a great weekend, pals!
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    hahaha @elize7. It's great if it works that way for you.... unfortunately for me, if I am home sick, I graze CONSTANTLY and am always hungry! For me it's "feed a cold, starve a fever."
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    awww...feel better @elize7. Me? I could eat through any illness...sigh...
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    I had one of those chicken pox parties! Then found out ... much to my dismay ... I am NOT immune to chicken pox and ended up getting them myself! After three kids and three times getting it as an adult, I stay WELL away from any chicken pox nonsense!

    Hope you feel better elize7 :(
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    Given nearly everything in this thread has been from a female perspective, it has helped me better understand my wife a bit and given me some help on how I might be able to better communicate with her. After all, us guys are not naturally great at communicating feelings or picking up on feelings of others. For that, thank you.

    As for self sabotage, it is not just a female problem. It is just too many of us guys are too proud to admit we aren't strong enough to control ourselves.

    My problem is not necessarily with carbage. It is much like @RowdysLady a matter of eating because it's there. I may have to quit buying peanuts because of this. In small amounts, they aren't a problem, but for some reason, if they are handy, I can eat what the container calls 6-8 servings without thinking. Really, any nuts can go this way. Last night I ate too many walnuts.

    I play the same stupid mind games of "I'm in maintenance now, so a little extra now and then isn't bad" or "it's low carb so it's ok" and other such sorry excuses. Fact is I have a propensity to overeat - not from being hungry, but just because it is available. You are doing well to have removed some of the temptations from your home. I think I need to do the same with my peanuts, both the can at home and the can at work.
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    @cstehansen I MUST weigh my walnuts and pecans or I have eaten half my calories in those.
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    @Cstehansen glad it's been helpful and PEAAAAANUTS! Freaking can eat them til my fingers bleed from cracking. I refuse to buy ones in a jar or else I'd eat a jar an hour.
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    RowdysLady wrote: »
    @Cstehansen glad it's been helpful and PEAAAAANUTS! Freaking can eat them til my fingers bleed from cracking. I refuse to buy ones in a jar or else I'd eat a jar an hour.

    Jar? I have the 52 oz cans from Sam's.
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    RowdysLady wrote: »
    I've been thinking about this for several days now. Even as I post and say all the "right" things for other people I can't seem to get back on all the right tracks for myself.

    I'm not moving and that's always been a problem. I'll do it for a short time then quit. That's probably the least of my worries these days.

    I'm not logging my foods so I have no accountability. I tried to start again the other day and failed again over the weekend.

    I'm eating whatever is around. Shayla had to make cookies for a project at school. I ate cookies...lots of cookies over the past few days. Sugar cookies, M&M cookies...cookies.

    I'm not drinking nearly as much water as I was and I'm starting to see the Pepsi Zero intake climb...which I know is dangerous for me. Yet here I am drinking them. I wish it were as easy as "just not buying them". Damn PepsiCo.

    I'm out of Ketosis as evidenced by negative on the strips.

    My BPC has sweetener in it every day again, whereas it was only if I was making Mocha before.

    I'm taking tastes of foods that I know are not Keto friendly because "a taste won't hurt me". Yeah right.

    I've lost almost 50 lbs and I want to lose more. Why would I just stop caring about all of this? I want to care. I do care when I'm not indulging in bad behavior but the minute I go habit eat a cookie I think "whatever, I'll be fine". Well we all know I won't be fine. I'll start to gain and lose all my progress.

    The worst part is I've been doing all or a combo of these behaviors for several weeks now and I'm still losing some. Which only sets into my head that "I must be ok doing these awful things because I'm still losing". I really am smart enough when I'm rational to know that's not true but the moment I become irrational and pick up a cookie I think "I'll be fine".

    I have my first physical early next month in over a decade and I couldn't wait to see what the results were but now they'll be skewed.

    How do I kickstart myself back to what I was like when I decided Keto was the way to go back in April? What makes us do this to ourselves? I wonder if I should increase from 20 to something like 50 but I'm scared I'll start gaining weight...yet clearly I'm eating at least that many right now if not many many many more. Who's going to come to East Texas and kick me in the *kitten* for being an idiot? I can't seem to do it myself.

    I need the most sage advice from someone who's been here. Stuck in a spiral downward in every possible way.

    I was totally there. I gained 10 pounds. I ate carbs and crap every day-didn't log. I thought a couple pounds was okay-I could take that off easy! WTF? I don't know how or what changed but, one day I woke up and got back on the wagon. I know this will happen for you. One day you'll be sick of carbs and grossed out by how they make you feel. We're here for ya!!!!
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    I'm just coming out of this. I don't know why it took me so long but I was doing the same nibbling thing. Not sure how I stopped so I can't advise you but I'm just posting here to wish you luck. Don't give up.
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    Oh @RowdysLady I just now stumbled onto this post!
    Sounds like everyone is being super supportive so I can jump in and be a cheerleader!

    I will recommend a journal. Yeah I know "Dear Diary". Just having a place to write something down when you are being challenged. Sometimes just writing down "I want to eat all the food" is enough to help you realize what you are doing. Put the date and time. You'd be able to look back to find commonality and pinpoint any triggers.

    Another thought... for all of us... we should look into buddies. Having an accountability partner. Many of us don't have someone to talk to about our "diet". Just a thought.