Self Sabotage



  • LemonMarmalade
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    Off the plan? Yes. Feel like dirt? Yes.
    Kicking myself in the rear and jumping back on? Heck Yes.

    The only time my body feels good is lc. When I eat carbage, i can never get enough food. It doesn't help, but is no excuse that I am still having pains like I had when my gallbladder was in...just not as extreme. It's fairly mild when it happens. So I am giving it time and if I have a larger attack it's back to the doc. Again. :(
  • treehugnmama
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    Rowdyslady I was doing the same thing just couldn't stop!! I supported my friends but could follow my own advise. honestly I was getting like 4000ish steps in tje next day 8 except for fridays was good so I lowered my step goal to 8 so I could feel successful. as soon as I did that I had all 10000 days. I made water a goal for two weeks I did that started feeling like yay I'm back. then I realized I was getting enough sleep so went to bed earlier for a week and the cravings stopped as did the nibbling....mine was sleep.

    hang in there make a couple easy attainable goals so you can feel successful and proud ( you are a success and should feel proud regardless) it helped me.
    also awesome job on the dancing you are doing great...just a bit of a rough patch. you can do this!! I'm cheering for you!