november when you didn't lift? isn't life much better now?



  • krokador
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    Still trying to chip at the "Earn Your Thanksgiving" challenge workouts even though I'm super late on it, because I started something and I darn well will finish it O_o

    So today was an accessory-like type of day

    3 Rounds

    Glute bridge with 40lbs DB x10
    Drop squats x10 (did bw first 2 rounds, 2x10 on last)
    Prisonner squat x10
    Squat-Press-Stand x10 @2x10lbs (tried 2x15 and could not press the DBs up at all, lol. Whoops? The added unstability at the bottom and lack of hip drive from benig in that position really made a difference)

    + 50 air squats at the end = 12:50 total time

    Then I did DB Incline Presses and Rows as a superset: 25x12, 30x3x12
    And triceps cable rope pushdowns + straight bar cable curls as a superset too,
    60x12->30x10 / 40x12 -> 20x10

    added some hip mobility stuff in between sets of the upper body work. Ready for a yoga day tomorrow, if I can make it work. And/or hiking if the weather allows.
  • amyinthetardis1231
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    Workout A today. I start with a 10 min treadmill walk to warm up, even though I know some say not to. I just feel awful when I go straight into even empty bar squats without warming and loosening my leg muscles a little.

    So today:
    Squats 2x5 with empty bar to warm up, 5x5 @ 75
    Bench press 5x5 @ 45 (empty bar)
    Rows: 5x5 @ 65

    Side note: I had no idea how much bench press would work your abs! Nobody make me laugh for awhile...
  • jowaring
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    todays workout
    squats 5x5@99lbs
    bench 5x5@60lbs
    rows 5x5@60lbs
  • jowaring
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    Today's workout
    Squats 5x5 @99lbs
    Ohp [email protected] really hard again.think I'll be at this weight for a while but used to struggle at 35lbs so I'm improving slowly.
    Deadlift 1x5 @ 126lbs.
  • DawnEmbers
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    Made it to the gym last night even though I didn't want to leave the house. Was good to get some lifting done.

    warm up squats 2x10 @ 45, push press 2x8 @ 45, 1x5 @ 65

    Push press with belt - 1x2 @ 85, 1x1 @ 90 and fail at 95
    Squat - 1x8 @ 105, 1x8 @ 135, 4x6 @ 155
    Good morning - 3x10 @ 90
  • amyinthetardis1231
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    Squats 5x5@ 80
    OHP 5x5 @ 45
    Deadlift 1x5 at 90

    I think I'm going to stay at 45 for a while with OHP. My gym doesn't have plates smaller than 2.5 lb and the last set was a real struggle.
  • amyinthetardis1231
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    I think I got my squat form down because even with the heavier weight today, they felt really solid and strong. Yay!

    Squats: 5x5 @85 lb
    Bench press: 5x5 @ 50lb
    Row: 5x5 @ 70 lb. These were pretty tough, I might stay at 70 for another set instead of adding weight next time. Overall, really feeling proud of myself for getting to the gym consistently 3x a week for about a month now, toddler and all :)
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    cold weather is affecting me badly, mobility and all that. i'm blaming that.

    tried to start my 5's week on sunday after a total junk week of not lifting at all.

    bench 65/75/85 and i could only get three on the last. form really not feeling right.

    i backed it up with 5x5 rows at 70lbs, which went fine. and tried to squat but just not moving well enough to really trust them.
  • DawnEmbers
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    Pesky cold and again and stuff... :wink:

    I joined different gym yesterday so got to use a regular bench press. Just never have liked benching in the squat rack, not sure why since there are safeties there. Oh well. Just did warm up and 3x8 @ 75 as I haven't benched in weeks and was in a hurry. Today I went to anytime fitness to figure out ending things there. I have until January 13th to use their facilities, then I'll be just at 24 Hour Fitness (back to my previous gym, different state). Will be nice not driving 20-50 minutes just to get to the gym. There is a location across the street from work and one not far from apartment. Yay for less excuses.
  • canadianlbs
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    my boobs are teh death. i went and did some junk lifting today, but it's depressing how disoriented i get and how fast just because it turned freezing cold and now snow.

    benched up to 65 pounds with better attention to form on a bench with no safety rails, and ho.lee. 65 was a job but at least i could tell which muscles were being brought into play.
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    edited December 2016
    oh my, it's december. is there a thread? there isn't a thread, is there. oh well. maybe someone else will?

    5's week: squats and deadlift hypertrophy.

    squats to 80lbs, superset front and back. the last set was uuuuuuugggggly both front and back, but i don't think i hurt myself and it's five pounds up. still sucking at squats.

    deadlifts i added 5 pounds and did 5x10 for 105. i think i had a small breakthrough with them. on the eccentric path i happened to look in the mirror and the bar was not moving straight because i was taking it 'with me' against my thighs when i began to tip back. so i fixed that, which means my thighs leave the bar a little at the start of the put-it-down part. but on the other hand now i do put it down - straight down.

    instant hit to my glutes. so i did the rest of them that way and got much better endurance as well. idk if that's the diet of pure candy today***, the bcaa's in my bottle or something more virtuous. i do know that i didn't have to do it in eked-out little sets of five, and then two, and then a set of three, then a single, like when i was doing 50 reps with 100 pounds. i did the first two sets as straight sets of ten. then a set of eight, with two singles. then a set of six, a set of four, and then five followed by i'm-not-sure what.

    point is, i'm stronger again, it looks like. and my endurance is up. my grip didn't even complain all that much. it's snowed and then frozen here, and there's a lot of ice out there with a lot more snow coming soon. so glad hat i got this much in because dunno what the week will be like.

    *** and then i ate a steak with mushrooms and a peck of peppers when i got home. RRAR. still hungry :tongue:
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    Yes, there is a December thread!