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    I gave up even bothering with peanut butter. Obviously, I can fit it into my budget, but it just isn't worth the calories for what you get, at least for me. Literally, one bite of PB is 180 calories. Yeah, no thanks.. Lol

    That part. After not having pb for over a year I made a sandwich and the pb was so sweet that I didn't like it so I went right back to my pb fit

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    I love peanut butter. I use trader joes brand with less salt. (on a reduced sodium diet) I usually have it on Ezekiel bread once a week..
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    I love PB as well but for me personally it's just not worth it. For the tiny amount vs. huge calories and fat. I've tried many of the powdered brands but they are just not the same. I've used Better N' Peanut Butter here and there, I love it but it's super sweet. Very little fat and only 100 calories in 2 tablespoons, but still not the real thing.
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    I looked at the ingredient list on powedered peanut butter and the first thing listed was sadness.

    I legit laughed out loud here.
  • Setting fat goals is VERY old practice. So many studies show we need fat. Just make sure it's fat from real food. If you buy 100% peanut butter it's okay. I go over my fat every day. As long as you arnt going crazy your fine. My doctor told me fat from real food is way better for you than chemicals in light or sugar free food :)
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    1 tablespoon in steel cut oats is the happiest way for me to start my day! It makes me happy and fills me up. It's not just about the fat--it's also what you end up NOT eating because you're satisfied and full!
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    I could not LIVE without peanut butter. I spread it very thin and there is no way I use a full serving at one time. I find the Smucker's Natural or even the low sodium version of peanut butter sold at Trader Joe's to be wonderful. I have used PB2 and it is great with less calories but I get lazy and don't want to mix up my own. There are tons of new peanut butter options out there. I also sometimes buy the natural version from a health food store where they make it from only peanuts right in the store. It is wonderful too....but pricey. But, I'm worth it.
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    I used to add peanut butter to just about everything. Smoothies, yogurt, cottage cheese, oats, icecream, rarely on sandwiches. I gave up using it in smoothies because even if i added 30g i could barely taste it, which was a complete waste of nearly 200 calories.
    But I've recently found a peanut butter flavoured protein powder which is delicious! So i use that for everything now, way less calories, more protein and great PB taste.
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    I cold turkey'd peanut butter after posting here. I now am back to it, but in moderation. Now I have peanut butter on my toast rather than toast with my peanut butter.
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    PB2 (powdered peanut butter) is my go-to for anything that needs peanut butter flavor, but not actual peanut butter. It's way less damaging to the calorie goals ;D

    IE, I'd never use it on toast, but it goes in all ma protein smoothies. It's pretty nifty.

    Yep. After experimenting I've found that I like the powder in foods to give a peanut flavor. Smoothies, shakes, oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream, etc... Otherwise, I use peanut butter.
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    I eat it daily. I have eaten a PB sandwich for breakfast for years now. Two slices of 40 calorie bread and 45g PB = 318 calories which fit my deficit just fine and is enough to make a good sandwich. In maintenance, I use 50g and sometimes add some banana.