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Strength and flexibility



  • mgalovic01
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    My mistake, I meant the strongman exercises I mentioned previously, not powerlifting exercises. Even so, powerlifting exercises could easily cause a hernia or you to throw out your back. They put a lot of pressure on your entire body. Though they do strengthen your core, they may also result in a hernia or back injury very easily.

    So, as a former powerlifter who competed for 3 years, Multiple times, watching close to 500+ Lifters in person, and Thousands via other means (Online streams etc), and seeing just 1 single injury in real life, 2 online, can you please explain how that is "Very easy to reult in a hernia\back injury?"

    I agree it causes a lot of pressure, hence why i mentioned the same progress for the average gym goer, as well as the powerlifters - Slow steady progress, and form\technique before weight.

    But you seem to be missing one point - that's at the TOP end of the scale, and done correctly, progressing slowly, the "Pressure" is no-where near a level to cause that type of injury. The average gym goer is lifting percentages that are no-where near the 90%+ range of those who train powerlifting.

    It's as easy as it is to twist your ankle running TBH.. But how do you prevent that? ^^^ Slow, steady progress, focus on tech\form first, increase slowly!

    You make a lot of sense. The only thing I don't buy is that, having been into powerlifting for so long, you haven't experienced and heard of more injuries. Powerlifting puts a lot of strain on the joints. A lot of these competitors are going to wind up with disc degeneration and worn away cartilage later in life.

    So, my experience is in the thousands of lifters. What's yours? to be making these claims? Let me be clear, in terms of Injures, only 1 was a major (Quad Blow out) Not one had a hernia, or a bad back!

    Just exactly what qualifies you to say they are going to suffer herniated discs? Or worn away cartilage?

    What exactly have you got against these movements? It's not the first thread your spouting this junk out on. When was the last time you lifted heavy?

    Yes, it puts pressure on joints, but not anywhere near what your thinking. I think you've just seen too many shoddy, quater squatters complaining. Too many newbies trying Strongman hitching deadlifts... THOSE will cause issues, proper form reduces that risk significantly.

    BTW - times have moved on, people take more care over themselves now. More people\lifters are coached. Coaches are now trained to look at fatigue and injury risk, Form\technique is prioritised more than ever

    Not to mention, the core is strengthened by those lifts.

    Well, of course no one is going to enter a weight lifting competition with a hernia or a bad back. Fitness is my pass time. I practice it and research it for fun. I've been doing that for many years across the board, not just weight lifting. If you don't recognize the inherent dangers of lifting heavy, you're in denial. I got nothing against these movements. I just feel people should be informed of the risks involved, and proceed with caution. When's the last time I lifted heavy? Depends on what you consider heavy. Yesterday, I Romanian dead lifted about 110lbs for 10 reps, three sets. The back was already a little sore from soccer. I'm also a runner. I know its not much, but I used to lift a lot more, not so long ago. I was benching two 110lb dumbbells for sets of ten before coming down with costochondritis recently.
    I know the core is strengthened by those lifts. Now, are you saying you can't get a hernia or throw out you back squatting and dead lifting?

    Where did i mention that people were going into comps injured? No-where! Yet again you missed the point - I have seen thousands of powerlifters lift without getting injured. I've only seen the 3 that i mentioned.

    In denial? I'm not - My Issue with your coment is that you claim that heavy lifting makes it VERY EASY to get a hernia\bad back... That's just false. There IS a risk, yes. Just as there is on Runing. just as there is from Soccer. To say Heavy lifting is VERY EASY to get such injuries is just being overlly cautious.

    I'm NOT saying you can't get those injuries, it's purely the fact that you believe it's SO EASY to get them. This is where i'd say your over the top. YES there is a risk. But it's there in Heavy lifting. There in Running. There is any sport\fitness thing you do. I'll even admit the risk might be higher in Heavy lifting. It's certainly not easy to happen.

    I've failed squatting 220KG\484Lbs Horrifically... BUT no hernia, no Bad back. A few bruises, and pride\ego hurt YES. I failed SOP and tweaked my shoulder (6 weeks). I've deadlifted and never been injured. Even over the last 2 years which are now beltless

    I've also had a bad back from running. I've also twised my Knee, and Ankle.

    Does that mean i'd say running is higher risk of injury? NO! Runniing is hard for ME as my technique is wrong. I'd certainly not say runing makes XYZ injury very easy to get.

    I consider heavy lifting as heavy relative to the individual. It's that heavy for you. Then fair play, well done.

    My previous post was about powerlifters training smarter. Personally If i had a sore back from soccer, I'd have not trained back at all, and done light chest (Bench, etc...) now training RDL's with a sore back could also a way to get a bad back (It depends on the indivuals defenition of Sore). Training smarter avoids issues like that. Flexible traning, and don't be afraid to move days around. But be smart around it...

    I'm NOT saying you can't get those from Squats\Deadlifts. It's just not as EASY to suffer those, and other injuries as you think!

    Look, Enough hijacking. Were never going to agree are we? Lets put this to bed. Lets just agree to disagree on this one.

    No, I can pretty much agree with everything you said. Saying it was very easy to get injured doing those movements is probably an exaggeration. It wasn't meant to deter people from doing them, though I can see how it could do that, but to take them more seriously. The vast majority of people doing these exercises don't have coach, nor are they doing these movements exclusively. It's tempting to cheat to improve one's personal best. Complacency and carelessness are probably some of the main causes of injuries.
    Another thing is that power lifting takes away from your cardio, flexibility and agility. That may promote injury when trying to do other things like running. It seems you can't really have it all, so you just have to choose for yourself what the right balance of exercises is for you.