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Day 1 of Keto/LCHF diet...



  • coledrum
    coledrum Posts: 6 Member
    edited December 2016
    Thanks everyone for the comments and congrats to tlflag1620 and crzycatlady1 on the improvements! I will continue on the low carb/high fat diet for a couple weeks and see if I get any weight loss now that I am knocking my calories down some, also since on cholesterol meds and pre-diabetes I have to get blood work done regular so I will be able to see how the low carb/higher fat diet is on my numbers and adjust from there if needed.
  • JustJewels18
    JustJewels18 Posts: 335 Member
    I'm on day three of keto eating! I'm feeling sluggish and irritated. Which I hear is normal. It kinda freaks me out to eat all fat. But are you guys eating protein?
  • D_Moen
    D_Moen Posts: 4 Member
    Hey there coledrum. I lost 60 pounds on a keto diet from January to June 2016 I started out at 244 pounds so I feel like I've walked your path before you. I used a program called "Ideal Protein" and I can tell you that I was eating in the neighbourhood of 900 calories a day. Once I got into ketosis, the weight came off pretty quick. The sleep apnea went away (thank god) and the improvement in my quality of sleep was worth the effort more than anything else. The Ideal Protein version of a keto diet has you transitioning to diet where you do eat some carbs, you just separate them from fats. Once off the weight loss phase, and into maintenance, my weight came back up 10 pounds as expected. My energy is good, so much so that started Crossfit a couple months ago!

    Keep it up! The hard work is worth it!

    coledrum wrote: »
    Sorry to hi-jack this post but here is the info and what is confusing in that this is a keto thread- My Fitness PAL suggests 1740 calories but suggests a traditional diet macro - 50% carbs, 30% fat, 20% protein which is the opposite of keto.