The middle agers group. (Upper 30s,40s & 50ish folks)



  • ChefMader
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    ntnunk wrote: »
    How do you add people?

    Click on their name under their photo on the left, click on their name again in the popup that appears, then click the big green "Add as friend" button.

    thank you so much for explaining this!! :)
  • fadliinjapan
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    Hi! Will turn 40 in a few months. Recently had a medical check-up and was advised to start dieting and eat healthier. Motivating myself to start now rather than later. Friends are always welcome 🤗
  • Mojo_Minx
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    Freshly 38! Looking to reestablish my friends list since going on hiatus from social media. :smile:
  • 2022lynne
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    Hello, 45 and still alive. My goal is to lose 30 lbs. Feel free to add me so we can support each other :)
  • ZFG_2022
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    52 here , need to lose a few pounds. Just kicked covids *kitten*, now back to kicking my own *kitten* in the gym
  • vroy30
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    Hi there, 47f looking to lose those COVID lockdown kilos that have crept on. Currently 85kgs, hoping to get down to 77kgs during a 6 week challenge being run through my gym (2 weeks in). Have been watching what I eat but I’m still gaining weight! Hoping it’s muscle as I’ve been working out hard. Need motivation to stay away from the snacks.
  • Angelica_p2
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    Hello Everyone! Girl from Australia here, with an Italian background. Turning 49 in September. Trying to lose approx half a kg a week ( or for those who don't use the metric system - approx a pound a week) In 5 weeks I have managed to lose 4.5 kgs (or 9.9 pounds) I started off at 101.5 kgs (224 pounds) but still have 30 kgs to go (66 pounds). Please feel free to stop by and say hello :blush:
  • annliz23
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    Gosh it has been ages since I was last on here how time flies still sticking at it but last 8lb just dowent want to go. Have a great day everyone
  • detourkid1
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    56 and looking for support team and peeps to help motivate
  • Terajah38
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    Hey everyone. I'm 44, looking for some added motivation and support. Feel free to add me!
  • annliz23
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    Oh folks let's see if we can move and groove today, go for it.
  • JJordon
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    I turnt 41 this year. I'm trying to get into better shape since I had surgery.
  • 52sophie
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    52 and going to lose weight and build some muscle. Feel free to add me. #support #tips #encouragement #needsomecheeringon :)
  • BurnTheButter2
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    Hi There, 47 yr old named Tracy here. Trying to stay in a healthy bmi as I get older. Feel free to add me!
  • IslandGal3
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    Good morning everyone. I hope you all have a great Thursday!
  • Mrbond_007
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    44 and loving life from the uk..feel free to add me
  • tenacious_turtle
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    Hey everyone!! Turning 49 in a few weeks and would love to have more supportive friends :)
  • JaysFan82
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    Hello! Turned 40 in May. Currently down 62.6 pounds since February 24. Always looking for my friends to keep this train going! We can do it!
  • meowmmyx3
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    Hi All. In my 50's needing to loose weight and learn better eating habits. This app is great!