Cutting out carbs.



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    I've never had problems with carbs. I usually end up with over 200 grams a day and I lose weight just fine. Some people may be sensitive to them and eat either a lower carb diet, or full on keto. Calories are what matters in the end, not carbs or sugar.
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    I lose better when I keep my carbs in check. I notice my weight loss stalls when my carbs are up. Perhaps it is because of the water weight they bring on, maybe they just turn into straight fat. I don't know. I can only speculate. They tend to fuel my hunger in a massive way. This may not be true for every one but it is true for many. For the most part I have no more than 150 g of carbs a day. I usually have less without necessarily trying. I eat a lot of vegetables, and I do have bread somedays. I just keep the bread, pasta, rice etc.. to a minimum. I save those for days that I just really want them. There is this incorrect assumption that reducing carbs means massive restriction. This is simply false. There are many levels at which any nutrient or component may be consumed. You don't have to cut them completely out which is what people seem to assume first, also you don't even have to cut them way down very low. There is a good middle ground for a lot of people. A carb intake which helps that person feel their best. I was no longer sleepy and sluggish during my day when I lowered my carbs, I was also getting better sleep at night, my physical and mental energy levels improved also. There is Nothing wrong with cutting them down if you like. See what happens.
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    Id miss carbs to much Q_Q My diet is majority carbs their what satisfy me. If they are what satisfy you to cutting them out will likely cause you to binge.