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Help I want chocolate!



  • GravyGurlGravyGurl Posts: 1,070Member Posts: 1,070Member
    I love chocolate too!!! So when I have a craving I just can't resist I figure out the calories into my daily allowance. Because I know that if I don't allow myself a little pleasure once in awhile, I will end up eating the whole bag not just a piece or 2.
  • skinnydreamsskinnydreams Posts: 1,185Member Posts: 1,185Member
    Me too!!!! I just discovered Breyers Double Churned 100 Calorie Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream cups...................they are awesome!!!
  • auntkarenauntkaren Posts: 1,490Member Member Posts: 1,490Member Member
    I love my chocolate:love: But I haven't had any since I started my healty plan on here. The only thing I keep on hand is miniature mint patties for either an upset stomach . Which works wonders for it, but haven't had to use them.
  • 5KNohno5KNohno Posts: 503Member Posts: 503Member
    These are my fixes:
    Diet Hot Chocolate
    Mini Chocolate rice cakes
    No Sugar Added chocolate pudding cups
    Breyer No Sugar Added chocolate ice cream

    As for Cadbury, we lived in England for five years and I fell in love with the UK Cadbury. Hershey's just doesn't cut it anymore. I loved Mint Wispas (it was a sad, sad day when they discontinued those) and Curly Wurlys - So yummy. Okay - so I wasn't craving chocolate before, but I am now!:smile:
  • pbkfit70pbkfit70 Posts: 38Member Posts: 38Member
    Unfortunately Cadbury chocolate is my favourite.

    Just a bar of straight Dairy Milk mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I like the idea of putting it in the freezer. I was told that was the best way to keep chocolates, particularly the high cocoa quality stuff.

    Yes those Lindt rabbits are something else.

    Ok fill up that glass of water. Find somthing to divert myself.

    Keep at it folks, we can beat them!
  • RusshRussh Posts: 4Member Posts: 4Member
    I am a confectioner, the pure fat that goes into chocolate is enough to put anyone off.
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