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Magnesium keeping me awake!



  • bvgyzsw6fgbvgyzsw6fg Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Oui, taking magnesium based sleep supplements for sleep was the worst thing ever for me. I spent many nights wired out of my mind :D

    Yes haha exactly, more people feel like this. There was another forum on a website where people said the same things about magnesium keeping them awake and the things I mentioned. But I can't find it any more.

    Currently I am occasionally using 'magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate'. Even though I thought I used magnesium L-Threonate (before) but this one also seems to gives a better boost to the brain than other magnesium kinds. Well not sure if I should call it a boost or getting my brain levels back in order. I have been noticing that I don't think as clear as I used to for a long time now, and magnesium being also a supplement good for the brain, seems to help with this and maybe also be the reason why we are more awake/alert. It's not just being unable to sleep but it also makes you perform better with the brain. This might also be a key reason as to why some feel so "wired out of my mind". Given that you don't feel that alive/clear/sharp/alert/active any more during the day.

    Gisel2015 wrote: »
    I hope that this information is helpful.

    To further add information about the different kinds of magnesium (whether you want use it for sleep or not)
  • bvgyzsw6fgbvgyzsw6fg Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    If only 100mg of a good magnesium supplement (taken maybe even for the first time) causes these thing, then what could it mean? It's around the 30% of the assumed RDA of 350mg and is an amount which is not hard to get through diet.

    Does it have something to do with how a supplement is absorb by the body while through food its not?
    Does this mean we are overdosing? / Have too much already build up because of a disease like kidney disease?
    Does this mean we actually need more?
    "...all 800 enzyme systems want a piece of the action once they’re been woken up! And with each enzyme system pumping away they are using up the little magnesium you gave them and, like I said, They Want More!"

    Or is it one of the other many possibilities according to Dr. Carolyn Dean:
    When Magnesium Makes Me Worse

    let us hear if you have any thoughts about this
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