2017~~52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • JZygmunt72
    JZygmunt72 Posts: 262 Member
    Starting Weight (1/2/17): 211

    01/02/17: 211
    01/06/17: 206.8 (-4.2lbs)
    01/13/17: 209.6 (+2.8lbs)
    01/20/17: 207.6 (-2.0lbs)
    01/27/17: 204 (-3.6lbs)
    02/03/17: 202.8 (-1.2 lbs)
    02/10/17: 200.2 (-2.6 lbs)
    02/17/17: 201 (+0.8lbs)
    02/24/17: 202.6 (+1.6lbs)
    03/03/17: 196.8 (-5.8lbs)
    03/10/17: 197.2 (+0.4lbs)
    03/17/17: 197 (-0.2lbs)
    03/24/17: 197.2 (+0.2lbs)
    03/31/17: 192.8 (-4.4lbs)
    04/07/17: 194.6 (+1.8 lbs)
    04/14/17: 191.2 (-3.4 lbs)
    04/21/17: 192 (+0.8lbs)
    04/28/17: 190.2 (-1.8lbs)
    05/05/17: 194.4 (+4.2 lbs)
    05/12/17: 188.6 (- 5.8lbs)
    05/19/17: 186.4 (-2.2lbs)
    05/26/17: 187 (+0.6 lbs)

    This weeks loss: +0.8lbs
    Total weight loss since 1/2/17:
    This week success:

    gain !! on vacation :(

  • MissMaggieMuffin
    MissMaggieMuffin Posts: 445 Member
    Week: 19

    SW: 206.8
    GW: 170

    4/15/17: 193.8
    4/22/17: 191.6
    4/29/17: 191.6
    5/6/17: 192.4
    5/13/17; 185.7
    5/19/17: 183.2 Day early this week.
    5/27/17: 182.8

    Total weight lost: 24.0

    This week's challenges/successes: travelling last weekend and found that I got really tired of eating in restaurants.
  • 2011juju
    2011juju Posts: 72 Member
    Week 21

    Starting weight: 206 on 1/1/2017

    Goal weight:160 by Christmas 2017

    Current weight.. 186

    Total weight lost: 20.1

    This week weight lose: ++++++2 pounds : (

    This week's successes: done a lot more walking

    This week's challenges:: Drink more water!!! Stay on track!!!! Stay out of junk food!!! don't go over calories. stay focus!!!!!
  • boredloser
    boredloser Posts: 119 Member
    Starting weight: 243.4lbs
    Goal weight: 130lbs
    Current weight: 137lbs
    Total weight lost: 7lbs
    This week's successes: Eaten fruit and stuck to my calorie goal
    This week's challenges: No knowing whats the best thing to get from the Chinese for dinner tonight.... I'm thinking Chicken and Mushroom? :hushed:
  • tammierlewis
    tammierlewis Posts: 528 Member
    Starting date: 1/1/2017

    Starting weight: 161
    Goal weight: 120
    Current weight: 139.6
    This weeks weight loss: -.6
    Total weight loss: -21.4

    This week's success: Back to the gym every day! Got a spiral cutter for vegetables and having fun with it. I love spaghetti squash and now I'm adding other squashes and carrots. Also drinking more water.

    This week's challenges: One more trip to Disney. It's going to be Hot!

    My neighbor said I was looking pretty slim and asked if I was down to the 115 range now. Oh I wish. This is the first time I've been in the 140ish range in 25 years. My husband has never seen me this size.

  • catvlmack
    catvlmack Posts: 415 Member
    Starting weight: 197 (206)
    Goal weight: 145
    Current weight: 176.25
    Total weight lost: 20.75(29.75)
    This weeks successes: I thought my actions deserved better than that number, oh well.
    This weeks challenges: I have to go home at the end of the week for a friends funeral, so everything will probably go out the window for a few days
  • LoraineGB
    LoraineGB Posts: 721 Member
    Starting weight: 217.8
    Current weight: 190
    Goal weight: 165
    Method: CICO
    Total loss 27.8

    This week's successes: Had a great week
    This week's challenges: None
  • Shutyerlips
    Shutyerlips Posts: 11 Member
    Height: 6'0"
    Starting weight:206 (Feb 11th)
    Goal weight:170 (but then add 15-20 lbs of muscle over time)
    Current weight:178
    Total weight lost:28 lbs.
    This week's successes: started to really push myself to practice routine exercises. I've been doing a 10-20 minute set of various calisthenics and weight exercises whenever I feel like it. I pay attention to how I feel, and when it seems like I've got low resistance to exercising, I'll jump on it and take advantage of the moment. The cool thing is, the more I do it, the more open I am to doing it. I've been doing 2-3 every day, and sometimes 4. I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere and I'll maybe be able to keep it as a lifestyle habit.

    This week's challenges: posting every week seems like a challenge lol. Other than that, it feels like working out is tapping some emotional response, and sometimes feels very personal and emotionally trying. I was not exercising while I started going through an emotionally hard time because it felt like a sports injury of the heart, and once I powered through, it was like my body had been keeping a portion of those emotions locked in my muscles (gertchef would be proud) and worked its way out as I worked harder. It's intense, but overall feels so much better afterwards. Quite a challenge.

    So, my iron filled pvc pipe is working like a dream. It is my constant prop for most of my exercises now. I completed my dip station by making two ropes with pvc handles off my pull up bar. I can't actually do any yet, but as I practice, I keep getting closer! It's a rough time full of ups and downs, but it feels amazing as the week's and months go by.
  • 12774
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    12774 wrote: »
    Starting weight 239.1 on 1/8/17
    Goal weight 175
    Current weight 206.0
    Total weight lost 33.1
    Success this week Lost 2.2 lbs
    Challenges...........Maintain water intake 8 glasses.

    Today's weight.......203.9lbs (-2.1)
    Heading in the right direction.
  • PrincessMom08
    PrincessMom08 Posts: 120 Member
    Starting Weight (04/25/17): 219.4 lbs
    First Goal Weight: 198 lbs
    Final Goal Weight: 130 lbs

    Week 1 -- 05/01/17: 215.6 (-3.8 week/-3.8 total)
    Week 2 -- 05/08/17: 209.0 (-6.6 week/-10.4 total)
    Week 3 -- 05/15/17: 207.0 (-2.0 week/-12.4 total)
    Week 4 -- 05/22/17: 202.4 (-4.6 week/-17.0 total)
    Week 4 -- 05/29/17: 202.2 (-0.2 week/-17.2 total)

    Successes: Hiked up Hanging Rock mountain without much trouble.

    Challenges: My scale has been out of whack all week with really crazy readings, so not sure just how accurate my weight is right now. It has been fine until now so I took the weight that was the closest to my last weight. It has giving me a reading of gaining up to 7lbs!!! I changed the battery and it's still doing it so not sure what's wrong with it (and I've only had it since Feb.). Guess I'll have to invest in another new one. So my weight may change with this new scale. That really sucks.

    On to week 6 with a lot of hesitation...
  • laureljenn
    laureljenn Posts: 224 Member
    1/3/17: 201.6
    2/1/17: 194.6 (shoulder surgery 2/6)
    3/1/17: 191.4
    4/1/17: 178.8
    5/1/17: 168.8
    Starting weight: 201.6
    Goal weight: 138
    Current weight: 159.8
    Total weight lost: 41.8
    This week's successes: Didn't go crazy over eating at Legoland.
    This week's challenges: Memorial Day celebration equals lots of food and drink temptations.
  • JetWan
    JetWan Posts: 204 Member
    Starting weight: 213.8 lbs
    Goal weight: 165
    Last week weight: 185.8
    Current weight: 181.8
    This week's loss: 2 pounds
    Total weight lost: 32
    This week's successes: Finally back on track.
    This week's challenge: Staying under my carb goal.
  • magslante
    magslante Posts: 65 Member
    Week 20
    Starting Weight: 226.4 lbs
    Current Weight: 195.1 lbs
    Total Weight Loss so far: 31.3 lbs

    This weeks success: Joined the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge and I am captain of my team. Having to motivate my 6 team mates to walk 10,000 steps each day for the next 100 days can only mean good things for me and my weight loss journey. I have already booked in a weekly 5Km lunch time walk for our team, and the level of competitiveness between a few of my team mates has me beating my 10K steps each day so far.

    This week's challenge: I went away for a Girl's week-end a couple of weeks back, and it is taking lots of time to get back into the swing of things. I let myself go a bit and gave myself a break from tracking. Also, Winter has arrived with a vengeance (rain, fog, freezing cold mornings) so walking each day is getting more difficult. And I really need my walks to de-stress!!

    Quote for this week: "If it doesn't open... it's not your door" .

    (fyi - I am awaiting the outcome of a job interview and I really, really, want the job)


  • junodog1
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    Week 21

    Starting weight: 226.4
    Goal weight: 175
    Last week weight: 203.0
    This week weight: 202.6
    This week loss: 0.4
    Total weight loss: 23.8

    Weekly update:
    I am really beating up the work part of my brain. I have decided that I am beginning to despise my job and it's probably time to look for a new one. There is not really any place to go in my organization. I made a job change internally two years ago, have spent the last two years training my replacements (there have been two so far) and just don't feel the groove of my new position. My biggest problem is that I'm not doing anything and getting paid well for that. It just drives me crazy. I have no control and no projects at the moment that I own. No staff to train or develop. It's just not clicking. The downside is a new job will mean I will have to go back to a traffic laden commute, will lose vacation and sick time, will be out of my community most of the day and I have to go find that job. I figure if I am going to do it now is the time because I am mid 50s and it's already an age where they say hiring people eyeball you funny.
    Just venting. That's what been on my mind a lot this last month or so.

    The food life has been OK. Had some bad days where I wanted to eat all the food, but I've mostly kept it under control.

    Exercise has been better, I am even running some of those steps. I might download a C25K app soon.

    Last Week's challenges check-in
    <3 70,000+ steps for the week (Sat - Sun) I love my (new) fitbit
    <3 Keep focused on intake & control
    <3 Water focus - drink, drink, drink
    B) Fully close three items off work to-do list

    This Week's challenges
    • 2,000 stairs UP. Down does not count. What devil designed this challenge?
    • Preplan 5 days of meals
    • 3 days drink only water. 1 down.
    • 70,000+ steps for the week (Sat - Sun) I love my (new) fitbit
    • Keep focused on intake & control
    • Water focus - drink, drink, drink

    Anyone out there changed jobs at 55+? How was your experience?
  • junodog1
    junodog1 Posts: 4,801 Member
    catvlmack wrote: »
    This weeks challenges: I have to go home at the end of the week for a friends funeral, so everything will probably go out the window for a few days

    My sympathy.
  • Jimb376mfp
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    2013 Starting weight 376# (age 65)

    2017 52/52 Challenge, 6/1 week 22
    SW: 231.2
    Goal weight: 186
    Current weight: 212.2
    This week: +2.4
    52/52 Challenge total lost YTD: -19

    This week's successes: Took my first kayaking lesson!
    BUT I gained back the 2.4# I lost last week! Grrrr. I look back and I see what I did and did NOT do this week and I am not surprised by the scale,

    Next weeks challenge: Back to the basics. Regroup and move forward!

    Look forward to four weeks to mid point of this challenge. Four opportunities to get near as possible to -26# by 29 June!
  • Lmac_2017
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    edited June 2017
    Joining in late in the game! Will be finishing my first week tomorrow!
    Starting weight: 240
    Goal weight: 135
    Current weight:
    06/02/17: 232.6
    Total weight lost: 7.4lbs
    This week's successes: I started! Exercised every day!
    This week's challenges: I fell off the wagon for dinner on a particularly difficult day, but I'm proud to say that I jumped right back on the next meal!
  • MsArriabella
    MsArriabella Posts: 460 Member
    Starting weight (for this challenge) : 208.6
    Goal weight (for this challenge) : 156
    Current weight : 189.8
    Total weight lost (for this challenge): 18.8
    This week's successes: Didn't gain
    This week's challenges: Really struggling with stress eating and being lazy
  • KirbyFortin1
    KirbyFortin1 Posts: 49 Member
    Starting Weight (1/1/17): 232.8 lbs
    First Goal Weight: 199 lbs
    Dream Goal Weight: 150 lbs

    Week 1 -- 1/6/17: 231 (-1.8 week/-1.8 total)
    Week 2 --1/13/17: 230.2 (-0.8 week/-2.6 total)
    Week 3 -- 1/20/17: 229.7 (-0.5 week/-3.1 total)
    Week 4 -- 1/27/17: 228.2 (-1.5 week/-4.6 total)
    Week 5 -- 2/3/17: 227 (-1.2 week/-5.8 total)
    Week 6 -- 2/10/17: 225.1 (-1.9 week/-7.7 total)
    Week 7 -- 2/17/17: 224.2 (-0.9 week/-8.6 total)
    Week 8 -- 2/24/17: 221.6 (-2.6 week/-11.2 total)
    Week 9 -- 3/3/17: 220.8 (-0.8 week/-12 total)
    Week 10 -- 3/10/17: 218.6 (-2.2 week/-14.2 total)
    Week 11 -- 3/17/17: 217.5 (-1.1 week/-15.3 total)
    Week 12 -- 3/24/17: 216.7 (-0.8 week/-16.1 total)
    Week 13 -- 3/31/17: 216.2 (-0.5 week/-16.6 total)
    Week 14 -- 4/7/17: 215.2 (-1 week/-17.6 total)
    Week 15 -- 4/14/17: 213.9 (-1.3 week/-18.9 total)
    Week 16 -- 4/21/17: 212.8 (-1.1 week/-20 total)
    Week 17 -- 4/28/17: 211.8 (-1 week/-21 total)
    Week 18 -- 5/5/17 211.4 (-0.4 week/-21.4 total)
    Week 19 -- 5/12/17 210.5 (-0.9 week/-22.3 total)
    Week 20 -- 5/19/17 209.2 (-1.3 week/-23.6 total)
    Week 21 -- 5/26/17 DID NOT WEIGH, hotel did not have scale

    Current Weight Week 22 -- 6/2/17 208.4
    Weekly Weight Loss: 0.8 lbs
    Total Weight Loss: 24.4 lbs!